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    For Sale Cousins f690j flake...please step
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    Knot question

    That springer knot looks good and easy...tied it a few times, seems good and strong.
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    For Sale ....123

    pm sent with higher offer.
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    Liberty 8/5

    Bunks now are free on Grande and Liberty because they have removed the pillow and blanket. No need to pay someone to straighten all the bunks up after a trip.
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    Californian Tri-Helix jig stick CTX909H PHENIX 25-60

    yup...lotsa snakes here. Sellers and buyers. Seen it many times. Probably closer deal and got offered $20 more for it.
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    Californian Tri-Helix jig stick CTX909H PHENIX 25-60

    mostly agree with that ^^^
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    Californian Tri-Helix jig stick CTX909H PHENIX 25-60

    And this is why some people suck got back doored my friend. Get used to it.
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    Californian Tri-Helix (PHENIX blank) Jig Stick 9' (909H) *PERFECT CONDITION* - now $160 (HB)

    look at the post...right above yours...:hali_ruahahaha:
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    For Sale Cousins f690j

    bump again...prospective buyer is MIA
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    Grande or mission belle

    Belle is a great boat....with the galley closed leaves really no room to sit and relax. Grande has bunks below...but I'm noticing every few weeks their load goes up. At first it was 30...then 32...then 34, 35, 36 and now I've seen 39. Still doable. But anymore than 40 squids on a boat and I'm...
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    Time to show your skills... 2021 International Rod Building Challenge

    ^^^this...if there's a way to cheap, somebody will find it...and use it.
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    CPX application question...

    Thx guys
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    CPX application question...

    ok cool...I've done 2. Since it's so thin I can recoat after a few hours? Thanks
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    CPX application question...

    So, I'm re finishing a blank and not applying my CPX with a brush, rather I am using a 2x2 pad of cotton t shirt material and swiping from butt to a couple swift motions. This is giving more of a satin, slightly glossy finish vs. the super glossy finish of factory rods. I actually like...
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    Bait barge fishing rod damaged when other boat backed up...

    Rotsa Ruck getting that resolved here....