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    Accurate BX2-500 stuck at strike

    Try backing off the cast control feature on frame first .
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    How much line on a BX2-400?

    65Lb Spectra 375 yards is what we reccomend . We do not have specs on how much 80 lb it will hold - sorry .
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    New exclusive color

    The brushed finish looks great , you should buy one .
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    I love that Idea of a camo in Yellow to support the troops - OHH -RAA
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    Anti-Reverse Failure?

    The BX - anti reverse bearing is larger and can withstand more inch pounds than B-665 anti reverse bearing . We went with the larger bearing on all new Accurate Extremes .
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    New exclusive color

    There is difference in the way the way the parts were finished - the above orange had a sandblasted finish and the new orange at Richards has a brushed alumnuim finish . It does affect the final color a bit . Both reels were anodized Orange.
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    Anti-Reverse Failure?

    Our A/R bearing in the extremes are rated to 153.12 in/lbs before it will fail .
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    gear noise

    We offer a great tune and lube service . The cost is $ 25.00 and at that time we could identify if gears need replacing or maybe its a bearing issue . One of the above posters was right when saying the Accurate had changed materials and are using a harder S/S now when manufacturing gears , but...
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    Anyone actaully ever have to use their mex insurance

    Louies is a good guy to know and fast becoming one of the key players in Ensenada Charter Buisness .
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    Anyone actaully ever have to use their mex insurance

    We had a serious accident in January where we totaled a brand new Dodge Pickup in a single car rollover , luckly no one was hurt . Thought we were end for a nightmare , luckliy someone went to the next town and notified the local policeman who then came and helped us by going back to town where...
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    Great ideas keep them coming .
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    Hi all I work alongside Matt here at the factory , what color would Bloodydeckers like to see this year ? Give us your suggestions ?
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    Ensenada 6-4-11 Yellows and barracuda on Magic Metals

    Dang Louie Roger waited all morning for you call to go fishing . How could you do a brother like that , then you catch yellows too .
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    Ensenada 4-26-11-Salsipuedes Bonanza

    Looks great Louie , sorry I did not call when I was down last week . Lost my phone Monday riding quads on the beach like a bonehead . Call me I need your cell number and Rodgers if you would be so kind .