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    SOLD sold sold sold !!!!

    I checked out the boat last week. For a 1989 boat is was in amazing condition. No issues with the transom. No soft spots in the fiberglass. Just wasnt ready to purchase it, but would recommend it to anyone looking to get a nice fishing boat.
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    CE 900 Wahoo Guide Spacing

    Does anyone have the handle length and guide spacing for the 900 wahoo? I got fuji guides . 20,20, 16,16,12,12,10,10,10,10 Im doing a deckhand style rod
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    UC CE 900 Wahoo

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    UC CE 900 Wahoo

    what sizes would you go with for fuiji guides
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    WTB 23-25 ft Cuddy Cabin with Outboard

    Looking to purchase a 23-25ft cuddy cabin with outboard that has relatively low hours on it.
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    For Sale 1978/2018 sea ray pilot house/flybridge

    Is there a way to get to the front? I couldnt really tell from the pics
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    WTB Looking for a Project Boat

    outboard or inboard
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    SOLD Seeker Pinhead 8ft 25-50 line

    agreed. Really fun for calico fishing. Not so fun for yellowtail when you get rocked because you have no leverage.
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    NEW Resin Poppers- Instagram: @aa_custom_baits

    Because of quarentine, I have made time to make a big batch of 4.5 inch heavy duty poppers for the upcoming summer bite (hopefully). These are all resin poppers with a through wire system designed to handle bigger grade fish. The cool thing is they can be used in freshwater or for the smaller...
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    3D printing-CAD design

    Don't have a connection, but I've been making heavy duty poppers and stickbaits for 4 years. The through wire is easy to make. You would need to get strong stainless steel wire. You can order it online but its sometimes hard to find. I make one by hand for every bait I make. You can make a jig...
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    How to remove treble hooks from hard lures?

    I would go with the tail. The fish will have more leverage on the lure if its on the belly and it'll make it easier for the fish to spit the hook.
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    Painting Surface Jigs

    It took me literally 4 years to find the perfect clear coat for irons and just about any other lure. KBS Diamond is the name. Amazing. Stays rock hard, doesn't yellow and it wont chip. Expensive stuff but definitely worth it. You can order it on amazon. I use this clear coat on all my poppers...