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    Lobster Hooping Lucky Catch!

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    Mantis shrimp, not much else 2/17

    Shoulda ate that shrimp! I’ve heard they are good if they don’t wreck your boat
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    Prado Lake

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    Best (without breaking the bank) Deepwater reel

    I can’t say that I have, but we did land a 150 pound mako with the old 114 a few years ago. Reel handled it no problem
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    Best Baits for BIG CATFISH fishing: worm vs mackerel! Which one is more effective? Let's find out!

    I used to fish the aqueduct for stripers, and there was this old man that would sit out in the evening and load up on catfish. He would be done shortly after dark. His bait of choice... GRAPES!
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    Best (without breaking the bank) Deepwater reel

    Cow tuna have been landed on old senators. :D
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    WTB Skipjack 24 Open or Similar

    @kindafishy has one that might be for sale. It’s a nice project boat with twins. If I could, I’d take it and drop a couple AD-31’s in it. That IMO would be awesome
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    Best (without breaking the bank) Deepwater reel

    I just go to the bottom, but you can always get colored line. Each color represents x amount of feet.
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    Best (without breaking the bank) Deepwater reel

    Or go old school with a Penn 114 senator and a power handle
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    Best (without breaking the bank) Deepwater reel

    Depends on how fragile the bank is.
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    19 foot camp trailer retro fit

    That thing is trick! Nice job
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    Finding Catalina yellows

    I can’t remember if he wrote it under his forum name or as a BD write up. Either way, if you find it, it’s a good read and lots of info.
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    Finding Catalina yellows

    Erik Lansfield did a whole write up on this very subject like a year or two ago. Might be possible to find it in his archives
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    Nacho's bait same thing as Long Beach Bait Company?

    Have you seen Nacho?? I don’t think changing his brand is gonna make any difference. Funny bumping an old thread, but my word of advice... let the other guy be the first one to wake him up.
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    Spreader light/ docking light recommendations

    Found these in a two pack on their site for $99 with harness