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    6-22 front side Catalina

    Forgot to mention bait... live/ fresh dead squid. (Battery issues killed my bait)... and plastics worked well on the calicos
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    6-22 front side Catalina

    Fished near Long Point for wide open calico bite with a few cuda and sheep mixed in. One for one on the yellows around 20 lb range. Nice weather for the crossing both ways. Big thanks to the guys on the "Fish & Chips". Had some battery issues and these guys went out of there way to give a jump...
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    Cat 05/30

    Great report. Thanks
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    Yellowfin east 226 8/31

    Thanks for the report and great info. Nice trip
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    Cat 17th and 18th

    Awesome report. You guys kicked ass
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    Green buoy 7/9

    Thanks for the report. Gonna head out tomorrow afternoon for a short session.
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    Need fuel pressure regulator 2003 merc 115

    After changing multiple parts chasing my lack of power issue in my 2003 merc 115 4 stroke, a buddy of mine found that I have a faulty fuel pressure regulator. I found one at Dick Sherrer marine for 370! Anyone know where I can find a better deal?? Any feedback helps... thanks
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    Conical Hoop Nets 36 inch Promat Eclipse and 34 inch Danielson

    If still available I will take them. 562 556 0086 Anthony
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    La Jolla 9/26/16

    Super cool pics. Nice report