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    For Sale Mustad 7731

    I have a few to many bags of NEW 7731 galvanized mustad hooks. 10 hooks per bag/ box. 15-30 boxes of each unless otherwise specified. Minimum shipping is 9.50 so buy at least $100 of hooks and free shipping. Prices ares set savings are huge. Please specify when you pm me as there are more then...
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    Building a new home

    I did that a while back. I learned a lot and added a pile of cost to the projects. this project certainly has a budget
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    Building a new home

    I know but the original 2800 sf of shop was causing complications. Good idea on the expansion.
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    Building a new home

    There is currently 1 house on the property right now. On septic but will need to bring in sewer Have power No stupid animals The design is in flux. But there is a rough idea.
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    Building a new home

    I have some land in El Cajon that needs a house. I would like 3 beds and 2 baths. 1000 square foot garage for my wood shop. I have not the slightest idea where to start the process. So I might as well ask BD
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    Why so many used reels of same brands getting sold off here?

    I have about 40 shimano reels. I am currently selling 2 because I am replacing them with the same reel with a different gears. There are loads of shimano reels out there so you see plenty of them fore sale.