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    Intrepid staterooms

    The lower bunk in stateroom 9 is also quite spacious. -Connor
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    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    Thanks for the report, Jeff. I would expect nothing less out of a Makaira SEa and the 15T is definitely on my list. -Connor
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    10 day Intrepid report

    Great report Floyd, thanks for taking the time. -Connor
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    First time on the Intrepid, Dec. 10-20, 2019

    Argument aside, I have 76 days on the Intrepid going on trips from 7 to 15 days. It is a beautifully spacious boat with a smooth and quiet ride. Plenty of bait capacity and a spacious rear deck. Captains Bill and Sammy are fishy guys and I would trust my life to either one of them. Deckhand...
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    My favorite color JRI jigs! I stocked up back when I heard they would be discontinued. -Connor
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    2019 OC Tuna - Royal Polaris Summer 8 day trip report

    Thanks for the report Doug, I look forward to fishing with you guys again. -Connor
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    Intrepid - Berutich 8 Day

    I saw that Hoo on FB, congrats, and thanks for the report!
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    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/13 -7/20 - Official Report

    Definitely one of the better ones I got on the trip! -Connor
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    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/13 -7/20 - Official Report

    It was one of those trips that made for difficult fishing, but we all made out in the end. -Connor
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    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/13 -7/20 - Official Report

    Sarah, It wouldn't be a trip without you, bummed that we weren't roomates this time, but still had an awesome time on the water. So glad to see how far you and your family have come and can only look forward to next year! -Connor
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    Wahoo on Intrepid

    Even though we only got 21 for the boat, it was a pretty great time, Wahoo were out of the water on chum a few times. -Connor
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    Which tuna hooks for fly lining bait?

    On my last trip, Intrepid 8 Day from the 13th to the 20th, small hooks were getting bit best when conditions lacked. This was on YT on the Ridge which is normally a no-brainer. #2 Ringed Charlie Browns are on the shopping list along with #4s and a few other sizes. The smallest I had were 1/0...
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    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    Great report, thanks for taking the time. -Connor
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    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/13 -7/20 - Official Report

    The Night Before: A little background, this charter originated as the Wahoodad Willie charter 11 years ago and turned into the Ray Jarvis Memorial after his passing in 2013. It has built a great group of regulars over the years and as such it is a great opportunity to see old friends and meet...
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    Best Knot for Heavy Line

    I am with Fishy on the three turn Uni for big line, five turns for 60lb and under. I have never had a failure since I started using this knot and that was after years of using the San Diego. -Connor