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    Top Assist Hook. More harm than good?

    This "foul hooking" happens when the fish chews the bottom hook. Then, during the fight, the top hook(s) penetrate the gill plate. Now, instead of pulling on a hook on the mouth, you're pulling the top hook that is attached to the gill plate, changing the leverage of the fish. Much harder...
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    DIY Assist Hooks

    I think I have this one: LS0500 Large Loop Splicing Needle .0500″/1.27mm 130# to 300#
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    DIY Assist Hooks

    Zoom in on the spool. I get it from Twinline USA
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    DIY Assist Hooks

    There's been a lot of chatter here about if your assist hooks are good enough, or guys getting called out on other people's hooks not being good enough, pictures of hooks getting straightened out, etc. Thought I'd do a "HOW TO" so you can make your own without being at the mercy of the cheap...
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    Split ring retardation

    +2 for the Pitbulls. I had 1/2 dozen guys on my last trip asking to use mine after seeing how east they would open up strong split rings. Most have since bought their own.
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    Tuna Jigging Tips

    This is the most important reason not to use spinning gear. I use spinning gear occasionally on albacore here in Oregon, but a big fish will take you to the wood shed without the rail for leverage.
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    What do you set your strike drag to on 12, 16, 20 VISX?

    Always use a scale to test drag, knots, hooks, split rings, etc.
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    Spill the Beans....we want to know!

    I have it figured out. I need to lose 10 lbs and work out more!
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    Spill the Beans....we want to know!

    Two of them on a Fathom 40NLD2, the other on a 16VISX. I love the Fathom 40N, it's light, does 42 per turn, and has good drag. But I hear the fish this year are beasts. Probably going to stick with my 12, 16 and 20 VISX's unless we are clearly into a smaller school. Only then will I bring out...
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    Spill the Beans....we want to know!

    I've been on two trips in the last two years, 2.5 on New Lo AN in 2020, 3.5 on the Pacific Queen in 2021. Caught 3 fish, 185, 205, 215. Two of the 3 came speed jigging at twilight with a 168 gram speed jig, a knock-off of the Shimano Flatside. (no, not a flat fall jig) I believe this is the...
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    BFT night jigging setup with no topshot

    If you have much more than 3', then you have a LARGE knot (or swivel) going through the guides, and then conversely trying to cast with a large knot going through the guides. the heavy mono/fluoro is intended to be a bite leader.
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    Cal blueprint question Fathom 40NLD2

    I've done a 185# and a 210# in the same evening 5 drops apart jigging with a FTH40NLD2 with no mods. Maybe lucky to get them in in short order, maybe they weren't "hot" fish. Maybe the FTH40NLD2 just kicks ass and and handles them just fine. Who knows, but the 40NLD2 is a very capable reel out...
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    Braid for assist hooks ?

    I've been playing with non-hollow Kevlar, too. This is braided 200#. I have caught qty 3 bft at or above 200#'s with the previously mentioned Technora, the colored braided Kavlar has not been tested yet. Source for Colored Kevlar Source for Hollow Core Technora Technora only comes in beige or...
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    Braid for assist hooks ?

    I buy hollow core 400# Technora (similar to Kevlar, but hollow core and better abrasion resistance) online . End result here. I've played with 200# and 600#, but thet are either too stiff or too limp.
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    Best Bluefin Tuna Rig for Under $2000

    You won't regret getting that 16VISX.