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    Yellowtail/Smaller Tuna Reels?

    With reports of 80 and 100 lb BFT showing up even on the 1-day and 1.5-day trips, prudent to have a just-in-case heavier rig in the rack ready to go.
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    Yellowtail/Smaller Tuna Reels?

    The OP himself said "...The pandemic, however, has limited my revenues as of late..." DIY is one way to reduce the expenditure, and with star drags, it's a much lower learning curve than lever drags. No such thing as a free lunch. Have advocated reel maintenance as part of the sport. IMHO...
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    Yellowtail/Smaller Tuna Reels?

    Hey!!! I totally rese... ...mble that statement. :rofl:
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    Yellowtail/Smaller Tuna Reels?

    :confused: The OP himself stated "TLD 25"... Penn 4/0 (113H) 30/440 40/370 50/270 Shimano TLD 25 30/600 40/450 50/350 Squall 50 LD 30/500 40/420 50/310 Daiwa 50H 20/450, 25/380, 30/320 Daiwa 400H 30/460, 40/350, 50/280 That's fishing it as factory stock. With upgrades, the 4/0 can hit 25+...
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    Yellowtail/Smaller Tuna Reels?

    Squall and TD have graphite frames. Metal would be preferable. The reels below have metal frames AND side plates. Will need to upgrade the drag washers to carbon fiber and the under gear washer to...
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    Heavier rod?

    Take the 40# and 50#; swap the reel between as needed.
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    Shimano Talica 12ii ARB Failure?

    Seen this happen to someone's Talica on a sportboat. Need to open up the reel and inspect parts TGT0883, TGT1564, and TGT1565. While getting there, note the level of grease on the internal parts for SW intrusion protection; if on the dry side, then there's your first culprit.
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    Which rod to get?

    If the rod blank is perfectly serviceable, and it's just the tip and some guides' wrapping coming apart: new tip - $2.00 thread - $4.00 (1 spool primary color and 1 spool decorative metallic) Flex Coat Rod Wrapping Finish kit - $15.00 eZ Rod Builder Hand Wrapper - $10.00 Harbor Freight heat gun...
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    Trinidad 20a handle knob clicking

    If the shields can be popped off undamaged, do that, pack the bearings with blue marine grease, and put the shields back. Don't be too fastidious in wiping off the grease that oozes out when the shields go in; spread that well all over the bearings' exterior surfaces. If the shields will come...
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    Why no love for the original Albright knot?

    This. The more advantage you gain over "Murphy" and his "Law," the better 'cause he's always around. Otherwise, what knots being used to the left or right down the rail of you is irrelevant since it's only the line to your rod and reel that matters. Now excuse me while I go back out to the...
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    Penn Reels Given to Me

    Given the interchangeability of the parts, the Baymaster 180 and Penn 27 are essentially the same reel. A few years ago, I contemplated getting an Avet SX 'cause that was the hot ticket at the time. Instead of drinking that Kool Aid, I chose to do this instead after a little thinking...
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    Rod for Full-day to 1.5 day

    Given you did not already have a stick in 30-60 for SF Bay fishing, it's likely you will not use it often up there once you have one. Can consider something like a Daiwa SLN70HF, Penn RAMBW3080C66, or Ugly Stik USTB3060C701 startiing at lower $$ MSRPs. You can always spend $$$ instead of $$...
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    Does anyone know anything about this rod?!?

    Scored a $25 Quantum Blue Runner Offshore years ago at San Diego Day at the Docks. Like it better than the Ugly Stick Tiger USTB2050S701 that got sold after two seasons. The Quantum has gone on 5-day and 8-day trips for light line duty since 2014; see no need to replace it unless the blank...
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    Rod for Full-day to 1.5 day

    Rod-wise you are on the light side; the "max" mid-range value of your heaviest stick, the Phenix, is 30lb. Have landed a 50+ lbs BFT on a 12-30 rod before (, and have no interest in repeating that...