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    WTB 209 Winchester or Federal primers

    Looking to buy 1000 or so 209 shotgun primers in either of the 2 brands listed. Let me know if anyone has some that they’re willing to part with. Thanks
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    Cover for truck camper

    Pending sale
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    Cover for truck camper

    I have for sale a good used condition camper cover. It fits my 2010 Eagle cap 990. I’m sure it will fit Artic Fox 990 as well as others. I think I paid $350 for it years ago looking to get $100 out of it. Just don’t need it any more because I have covered storage now. Pick up in Gig Harbor...
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    Excellent Grady White 265 Express

    How many engine hours?
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    No complaints

    I love that everyone is holding a fish and the boy has a sword and pirate gun😂
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    Wrecked Yamaha F8

    I am a impressed, that thing needed a fair amount of love. Nice work and glad to see it still in use.
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    Info on new Mercury 225 four stroke?

    Thanks for the response
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    Info on new Mercury 225 four stroke?

    Just curious who has had experience with the new lightweight Mercury 225 four stroke. Likes, dislikes, or any issues. Looking to upgrade my 2008 Yami f150 (2007). Looks like this is just a little lighter than it and of course all the marketing looks great just wanted to hear from guys who...
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    Mercury Enertia stainless 3 blade prop RH

    Would you be willing to ship to wa state?
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    Shrimp set ups

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    WTB Used F150

    I’ve got a 2007 f150 with 670 hours on it looking to upgrade to the new f200. I just purchased the boat from a dealer (Defiance Marine) in wa. It won’t be available til October or November this year if you’re Intrested, looking to get $6000 out of it.
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    Meat Lines x4

    We’ll give em hell! Thanks
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    Meat Lines x4

    I’ll take them if they’re still available and I can come pick them up sat. morning?