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    3M 5200 Banned from being shipped to California

    LOL.. Born in Cali and left for the military at 18, remarried Cali when I got out, left her again for a job out of state and then did the third marriage when I came back for another job. Going for a third and final divorce from Taxifornia next year!!! Hope I have learned my lesson!
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    Offshore The Pacific Queen 1.5 day 06/24 – 06/26 fishing report

    Try swim baits. Deck hand on Searcher hooked a #50 model on what looked like a 3oz. with five inch tail.
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    3M 5200 Banned from being shipped to California

    The ”highest taxes” and greatest tax waste.
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    Offshore The Pacific Queen 1.5 day 06/24 – 06/26 fishing report

    Searcher has bananas for snacks and Banana Foster for desert on two trips with them. Great fishing in early June but last week was tough though there were numerous fish boated. The tiny size of the fish in bait schools seems to be the issue. We saw so many foamers over two days and the bft...
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    Panama Fishing Trip Advice 2022

    Ow was your trip?
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    Slow pitch jigging rods

    My experience is typically jigging under 200 feet.
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    Slow pitch jigging rods

    I use two piece, Black Hole slow pitch rods. Work great and have caught large halibut, ling cod, amberjack, etc. I do not use jigs over 250 grams though the rods are rated to 400 grams.
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    Rod for MXJ 6 Raptor

    Used mine on both PCH 801H and 801XH. Worked fine. 65# braid. MXJ Raptor is my primary SLP real in AK. Caught a #140 halibut with it. Would not try it on a 80# tuna though.
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    80lb Blue Fin Setup

    Okuma741 XXXH with an Avet HXRaptor. On private boat or 4pax, I use my Black Hole 450. Short rod with leverage.
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    Jig stick suggestions, Okuma, phenix, RCE

    Caught numerous YT on surface iron with PCH C 801XH. My go to rod when at Cedros. Also a few yft in 2020 running south from Seaforth.
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    Rainshadow RCTB76XXXXH

    Check M&M Custom Rods
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    Cedros Tip and Tricks

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    Icy Bay Lodge 2022

    Can’t wait to go back! Flights adjusted extra fishing day!
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    Go to knots?

    Braid to FC with time: FG Braid to FC with hot bite or 30# FC or less: RP FC to Hook or Lure: SD Jam or Spenger
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    Solid deckhanding on the Searcher

    Echoing the comments. Excellent technically and very customer focused on my two trips with them. Captains and Chef Dan dive in to help anglers if the bite gets hot too.