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    mothership trip to Panama on May 8 - 14, 2021

    Does Panama require test if one has first and second vaccine completed?
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    Avet or ?

    On sportboat. Flatfalls and flyline. Will use the boats kite gear.
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    Thanks but think I will be going with Penn.

    Thanks but think I will be going with Penn.
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    Avet or ?

    Typically an Avet fan. Have HX and smaller reels. Makira SEA and Penn VISX recommended by many. Should I listen or look at EX50/2 or T-RX50/2. Want a reel to try for BFT that is bigger than HX Raptor. Avet pricing is very competitive right now.
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    For Sale Toro Tamer Ahi Assassin Jigging Rod, $150 OBO

    Bump for Toro Tamer Ahi Assassin Jigging Rod, $150 OBO
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    Success Sportfishing or Others?

    Is this a weekday trip? Let me know if you have last minute openings.
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    Avet or Penn Advise Sought

    Which Avet compares with Penn VISX 16 and 20 quality wise. EX30, 50 or TR-X50? Most of my conventional reels are Avet and I am happy with them but there has been good feedback on Penn.
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    For Sale Okuma Nomad Travel Rods NT-C-703M-MH $150

    $150 - New in travel case. Tags removed but never seen water. F2F in San Diego
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    What Rod to pair with Avet EXW30?

    Is the EXW30 a good reel to go after BFT? Biggest reel I have is an HX Raptor paired with Okuma XXXH 741. Getting a bigger rod and trying to decide which Avet, EX 30, 50 or TRX 50?
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    Slow pitch jigging rods

    Have had good results with Nomad Buffalo in red striped, "katy perry" rainbow colors and orange in Alaska. Lingcod liked orange up there last year. 120, 180 250gr sizes. Also Striker jigs worked well in Alaska, pink, silver and blue, similar sizes. Shimano flatfall Silver/black worked well...
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    WTB Okuma Nomad Travel Rod whatcha got?

    $150 in San Diego, never seen water.
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    Black Hole Charter Special Rods

    73MH worked well on the 100 gr. Striker FF and other jigs that I used that week. Typically 80gr to 180gr. Also used 6 oz. Alien Jigs. Normally fishing pinnacles at 80-150 foot depths. I used it all week and did not lose any fish due to the rod. Numerous halibut and lings. Which rod one...
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    Okuma Popping Rods in OC or Long beach

    Bought a Okuma Hawaiian Popping rod from Charkbait. Did not get to use it as planned due to travel challenges but I did cast a surface iron and caught a YT on it.