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    I had an overnight trip that turned around after 1 hour of fishing. They wanted to give a credit. Everyone said FU, we want a refund. When we got back, a full refund was given to anyone that wanted one. That was a good thing since the boat went out of business the next season. Point is, it...
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    Offshore 06/05/21 - Outside Ensenada

    We were out there as well. We had 2 hookups on sinker rigs in the morning. Got them both into the boat (125 and 50lbs). Nothing after that. Marked lots of small packs but after the morning we could not get another bite.
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    1.5 day for BFT; how does the day/night unfold?

    Just got back from the area. Fished on a private but. The bite has been night / early morning. That is why the boat is leaving at 7 instead of 10. Most are using flat fall type of jigs in the dark and then sinker/bait once the sun comes up. We caught one at 125lbs and one at 50lbs. We...
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    Thinking about buying a Truck...

    For travel, I do put my gear in the back of truck. I wrap my rods in towel and rest on the back bed to protect. If I am alone and leave the truck they go into my truck. If I lower my passenger seat and put the butt of the rods on the floor, I can fit them in my truck easily. In a smaller...
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    Flying Fish. Holy Cow!

    I was traveling through SCI and got hit in the shoulder by a flying fish. Scared the crap out of me.
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    Bugging Out

    Quality and Quantity
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    HH 2/27/2021

    Not sure if you can fish it or not but I would think it would take a year or 2 for the ecosystem to develop.
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    2520 Upgrades and Build

    I was referring to waking up the neighbor.
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    2520 Upgrades and Build

    Or when you come home at 2 in the morning.
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    Popped my cherry at the island tonight

    pulling a bunch of bugs in one nets happens a lot. My personal best is 17 with 14 of them being keepers. I've had tons of 10 bug nets. Catalina is so different then hooping local.
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    boat storage - Sunset Aquatic Boat Ramp

    I don't store my boat there but use the launch ramp. I've never seen questionable people there coming in late at night. I can't same the same for Long Beach.
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    Landings near Manhattan Beach

    Eldorado out of Long Beach also does overnights.
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    Post rain lobster

    From my understanding you want to hoop after the storm. I could be wrong.
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    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    The point is why does he have to buy a 1/2 scoop instead of a quarter scoop. The size of his boat/bait tank should not decide the option. If I am going out to fish halibut, I don't need 1/2 scoop. My opinion is that they don't want to waist their time on one pass so they force you to buy at...
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    How do you keep your lobster?

    Like Ggiannig said put 2 tails back to back or lay the spikes on 2 layer paper towel.