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    O'side - taking it up the tailpipe. 7.25.18

    Thanks for the Oceanside harbor info. Experienced the surge on Sunday as well as the harbor police posted in the mouth of the harbor.
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    Fished with Tommy Saturday.

    Awesome fish and family trip. I love the fish statue.
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    Mary got a good one

    Amazing catch! Thanks for the report. The halibut fishing has been good this year.
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    Mrs Legal - Halibut off Encinitas

    As we leave Oceanside harbor Hubby says "We're fishing Encinitas for Halibut." He knows I have been drooling for a legal one of my own. Water was clean and smooth with no wind at 9am. Ran 28 knots some of the way down stopping multiple times for Macks and Bass. Hubby's new flat-fall almost...
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    Horseshoe, Izors and around. 6/10/18 either i suck at fishing or the local fishing sucks!

    If I fished only to catch fish I would have quit fishing a long time ago. Been having the same results last handful of times I went out. Still the best part of my week! Keep on fishin!
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    Oceanside to Carlsbad & 10 miles out

    Going out on Wed. probably out of O'side. paddy searching
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    Marlin fishing Friday 9-10

    SWEET FISH GUYS!!!:eyepoppin
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    Old Fishing new, but great new Pictures!! Dorado content

    There was no bungholy ohh showing, I can change it NO problem! I like this one much better anyways
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    9/3 302 to 182

    Same experience here. Was at the 209 found some patties but no one home. Trolled to the 181 couldn't find a patty there. Spotted 2 Marlins. One totally breached the water. Big pod of dophin showing off their acrobatics too. We heard you on the radio talking about jumping into the...
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    8/28 Dana afternoon dodo

    Nice Fish....musta been a fun catch!
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    Summer pics