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  • Hi Ali,
    I think you are the moderator? I just wanted to correct my birth date in my profile that is incorrect. My actual birthday is 2/24/1955. Don't know how it got put in wrong? Can you help me with that? or can you tell me who can...Por Favor
    Hey Ali,
    What fishing rod will be my best set up for my Penn slammer three 5500 to launch poppers and Lewers , And if I do hook up to a big Tuna I will get him in thanks
    Hey Ali, I think you use to be a moderator. Love your post. Here’s my question . Back in the day 2008 I think when I first joined BD my username and boat name was “ sealammer” well unfortunately I sold that boat now my name is “ finaddict” I’m bummed that all the post are under 2 different user names is there a way we can fix this to all be under finaddict?
    Ali -I am having a problem with the website.I cannot reply to anything,All
    I get is a blank area next to my avatar,seems to have started last Firday???
    OOOPs my fault-refreshed my browser -all ok
    Love the board and understand that I pay nothing for it. I am a big fan and am grateful for this board. I am seeing half to a third of all new posts are people selling stuff. Maybe it’s the time of year I don’t know. Maybe 12 free ads a year and then they PAY YOU to be on the board.
    Hello Ali, I will be heading to LA PAZ in March and wondering if you could recommend a good reliable trustworthy fishing charter


    Ali, quick question - what is that bent rod Rush is using in the kite/bluefin episode of Local Knowledge? Thanks!
    Ali I need help I posted pictures and need to remove immediately how do I do that or who do I contact
    I put a masked shot of a fish count. Don’t think it is a good idea. Please have admin remove picture I can’t make it delete. Thread how much have you spent. Sorry
    hello Ali, this is the Sinker Guy
    I will be down your way for Tackle Day's
    I'm just checking with you to See if You need
    any Sinker. if you do
    please call me, because I'm outside pouring a few
    and it will be the last chance I have to pour
    this week, Gerry @ 1 -714-318-0067
    Hi Ali, is there a thread or link to setting up the yummy on kite with balloon? Technique also?

    Anything you can provide would be great.

    Thanks in advance
    I have some inquires on fishing Crocodile Bay, CR. How does transportation come into play? Fly in to San Jose then fly to the southern end? How did you get to the resort? I would love to go there and will be bringing my gear with me. Please let me know. Thanks!

    Hey there: can you call me tomorrow to discuss having BD Market a new company? Thanks Ali..
    Robert aka skipjack Robert
    hi Ali; carlos from snook mafa puerto vallarta, i just want to let you guys know you guys are more than welcome for a snook ore rooster fishing expedition any time, i will be our pleasure to have you guy down here and do some fun fishing trip¡¡¡

    take care, all my best¡¡
    I started a thread in Washington about gill netting. I made my point about a partnership between Puget Sound Anglers and the commies. However, I made some comments I probably should not have and it has gone completely sideways. I've seen threads disappear before, and I was wondering how you do this and if you could make this thread disappear. Thank you very much.
    Hey Ali, I'd like to join fishdope and was hoping you could give me this weeks discount ($20) code?

    Thx Geno
    Hi Ali hope all is well.I was goinf to post about this years Kids fishing trip and just wanted to talk to you first.Are you guys up for the shirts again? you have any ideas before I post for donations for the trip?....we have about $400 left from last year......trip runs about $1,400 if Fred charges us the full amount...last year he gave us a to you soon....
    Yo. Hope all is good in your world! Is your brother still doing boat lettering? Lemme know who to call if you get a minute.
    Hi olbuddy! Long time no see, last time I saw you, I was raping the warehouse of all the schwag I could carry :-)
    Hi Ali,I never got a pic of your truck bumper.give me a call leave a message and I will call you back.i get So much junk calls and I screen them 760-917-8006 Greg w
    Your duck club was holding 8 Specks this Morning. We are flooding and looking forward to a great season.
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