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Jan 22, 2017 at 10:32 PM
Apr 24, 2003
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Jan 1, 2011 (Age: 6)
San Diego
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Master of Nothing, 6, from San Diego

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Jan 22, 2017 at 10:32 PM
    1. Mr.snook
      hi Ali; carlos from snook mafa puerto vallarta, i just want to let you guys know you guys are more than welcome for a snook ore rooster fishing expedition any time, i will be our pleasure to have you guy down here and do some fun fishing trip¡¡¡

      take care, all my best¡¡
    2. jscrib
      Text me your #. I can't find it.

      Thanks RR
    3. oldfisherman#1
      I started a thread in Washington about gill netting. I made my point about a partnership between Puget Sound Anglers and the commies. However, I made some comments I probably should not have and it has gone completely sideways. I've seen threads disappear before, and I was wondering how you do this and if you could make this thread disappear. Thank you very much.
    4. jer dog
      jer dog
      good morning , how do you Delete threads these days, need help doing so thanks
    5. geno machino
      geno machino
      Hey Ali, I'd like to join fishdope and was hoping you could give me this weeks discount ($20) code?

      Thx Geno
    6. ConSeaMate
      Hi Ali hope all is well.I was goinf to post about this years Kids fishing trip and just wanted to talk to you first.Are you guys up for the shirts again? you have any ideas before I post for donations for the trip?....we have about $400 left from last year......trip runs about $1,400 if Fred charges us the full amount...last year he gave us a to you soon....
    7. seebogo
      Yo. Hope all is good in your world! Is your brother still doing boat lettering? Lemme know who to call if you get a minute.
    8. byeye
      Hi olbuddy! Long time no see, last time I saw you, I was raping the warehouse of all the schwag I could carry :-)
    9. CHA-CHING
      Hi Ali,I never got a pic of your truck bumper.give me a call leave a message and I will call you back.i get So much junk calls and I screen them 760-917-8006 Greg w
    10. Turbinedr
      Your duck club was holding 8 Specks this Morning. We are flooding and looking forward to a great season.
    11. Clarioncat
      Sorry for the honest report chief!
    12. reeleminross
      Ali send me your brothers contact so I can order more shirts. Please!
    13. cj5orion
      that annoying ad is back again
    14. peteking
      Dear Ali,

      I should not have expressed my feelings for the Mex. Navy as I did in a post today, but I do not need to be harassed by "Itzgolf".

      I try to be informative and have posted all kinds of helpful info for lots of people.

      I think it would be good to delete the post, and I will be more considerate of the newbies in the future.

      Please accept my apology.


      Peter King
    15. Captain Curt
      Captain Curt
      Hey Ali, Cooter here............finally back in the saddle. What a deal this last year. Pretty much in a dark bedroom the whole time. Not 100% but never was. :-)
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    Jan 1, 2011 (Age: 6)
    San Diego
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