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    For Sale PH Ulua 30-60

    I’m in’s too parabolic for my style of fishing....but backbone to pull yellows out of the kelp
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    For Sale PH Ulua 30-60

    Wassup BD, Bought this rod from a fellow BD’r and decided after fishing and landing a nice yellow, this rod is too parabolic for my style of fishing..... It’s clean and nice, does have my name on it but still clean.....liking to sell along with a XL tiburon clamp that can be used for a 16a or...
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    WTB WTB: Shimano Crucial 711H or Loomis 955 Swimbait Rod

    hey brutha, I have the crucial swimbait rod your looking for XH mint condition....had it forever but never seem to use it...... bought it new for 269.99......lifetime warranty hit me up
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    SOLD SEEKER ISP 809- $$250 OBO

    Bad ass rod! Love mine.....thank goodness Kimbo is buying it, I was tempted.....
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    SOLD Calstar Grafighter 8OOL

    Great stick, great price.....good deal right there...
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    SOLD Shimano TN 14a

    I’ll take the clamp?
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    For Sale Calstar GG90j 30-60 New combo

    Don’t have a tranx, or Phenix....can’t trade my 809ISP, sick sick sick rod.....if you wanna sell the rod alone let me know Thanks
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    WTB SS Ulua fatt butt blank

    Hey guys, Want to build a new rod and looking for a blank..... Thanks Alex
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    SOLD Factory Calsta

    It’s a deckhand rod, no reel seat. GFDH means (graph fighter deckhand) still a great rod !!