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    For Sale Curado 300 DSV Great Shape

    You can sell that reel on swimbait underground for $200 easily.....amazing shape GLWS
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    WTB PH Ulua black blank

    Hey BD, Want to see if anyone has a PH Ulua black version for sale? Looking for a blank preferably but will take the factory rod as well. Thanks BD! Alex
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    Rpt.-Cat-07-02-20 Big Tails

    Happy to read your reports Cory! glad you guys found them, looks like y tu I’ll be eating well for a while!
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    SOLD Found one......

    Forgot to tell you, reach out to moon, he’s has the blanks and one if the best wrappers out there....
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    SOLD Found one......

    Great blank, you should consider the BTG 90j recoils a little faster so you can really pull on the fish killing them quick
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    SOLD Looking for Trinidad 12a..

    Best little reel ever!!!! Killed most of my yellows on that reel last year......
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    For Sale Shimano Trinidad 16a spooled with 65lb powerpro

    Killer deal! Braid alone is $65, that’s almost $200 savings.....some ppl don know a deal when they see one.... GLWS!
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    SOLD Calstar and Tranx combo

    If you decide to separate I would be interested in the tranx Thanks
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    For Sale Shimano Curado 300EJ - New in Box

    This is the best curado ej , the Japan version is the shit!!!
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    WTB Cal Star blank BTG 90 J-MAG

    Love my 90jmag! IMO it’s the best jig stick out there.....seekers are nice too but something about that 90jmag feels Just right for my style of fishing....won’t break the bank or ur back and you’ll have a rod that will kill yellows all day long
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    WTB Black PH Ulua

    Hey guys, Looking for this rod....factory wrapped. mid yiu have one and want to sell let me know. PM or text is best Thanks Alex 323-304-4941
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    SOLD Calstar gg 90j ???

    Simeón just posted on blk on blk....will need some coating but it’s a steal
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    SOLD Cal star GG90J blk/blk used

    Greta deal for an amazing rod! That’s a yellowtail killer!!!
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    SOLD Seeker pinhead black ulua

    Missed out on this deal!!!! Anyone got another for sale?