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    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

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    Offshore BFT on Madrugador

    Big blue rockfish, right!?
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    Offshore Limits On The Tribute 8/13

    Skipjack makes awesome poke! if the fish is bled and iced, a really good eating fish!
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    Offshore 7/18 NW of the 43

    Good report! Way to get it done on the trifecta
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    YT Shootout 2018 / Nados

    The reason some ppl freeze the fillets is to kill any parasite possibly in the fish. To prep the fish, I make sure no blood line is on the fillets. (clean up the fillets a little that I originally cut) The different sauces I user are: Soy Sweet soy Ponzu Sesame oil then add: green onion...
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    YT Shootout 2018 / Nados

    I’m a good cook! Tastes even better than it looks! So good
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    YFT on the Popper 10/14/17 Video

    That was a fun day!! limits by 9:30am and lots of catch and release
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    Rockfish...270 5/27/18

    Gee...Thanks man!! And I've recently lost 10lbs feelin the love
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    Descanso Rockfish/yellowtail trip

    Nice Haul! looks like the kids had a blast, nothing but smiles!
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    Be Careful Out There

    I know it's awesome to catch these fish, but is it really worth a life or bad injuries?!?! If we head out at night, always 2 ppl on watch!
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    2002 Osprey 30' Long Cabin

    We're happy with your last boat! lol gotta be tough letting this 1 go! what r u thinking to scale down to?
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    All you can catch "catfood";)10/28

    Bonita makes some of the best poke!
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    Offshore Chased radio fish AHHHH 10/14

    Good to hear you found some fish! We were the boat that called out the #'s. It was wide open! We were catching and releasing fish for 1/2 hour after we limited for 4 ppl before the 1st boat got there. Baits getting bit 3 seconds after hitting the water All the boats came in and shut the bite...