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    Replacing My Skipjack Sport Cruiser engine

    Once it's all put together and in, spray everything with Boeshield T-9 and you'll be good. Did the same with mine 5 years ago and it still looks new.
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    Cystal Pier fishing off MB?

    Walk the perimeter of Mariners Cove in the morning or evening with a bass rod and casting a crocodile lure (or other spoon), many fish to be caught and much more enjoyable.
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    Electronics Brands

    Furuno, so reliable I can't even justify replacing or upgrading.
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    BFT on the Troll

    Got em on a 5" inch swimbait way-way-way back before.
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    Fiberglass hardtop question

    I agree, core it and use less glass, 1/8 per side and 1/4 for the edges. Years ago I made full length swim step similar to what you are doing. The thing was bullet proof. You'll find when you release it from the mold, there will be some imperfections needing attention. There will be sanding...
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    Auto pilot for 19ft Bayrunner

    My plan was to do something like below (tiller pilot on outboard) if I was going the smaller boat route, totally do-able and affordable.
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    25 skipjack fb battery location

    I did the rewire, but kept the batteries on the sides. Was a pretty long process, but pre-kids and boat at home made it easier. I ended up putting the switch and some fuses above the engine cover for ease of access. Before: After:
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    Oregon skipjack 20 rebuild.

    Agreed, that to me is the perfect set-up! I didn't see that one pop up, I must be off my game. Looks like it came out of Nevada. Where did you find it? Plus, it looks really clean...:drool:
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    What Can I Do About a Hawk Eating Its Lunch in My Yard?

    Take pictures of the mother nature at work!!!
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    VHF Antenna Lifetime?

    So, admittedly life has gotten in my way and I only took the boat out twice last year, but when I tried to make radio contact, it was sketchy at best. Not many come backs. I can't say if this is a sign of the times with people just not communicating out on the water, preferring to just talk...
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    VHF Antenna Lifetime?

    Anyone have some hard facts on how long to expect an antenna (5225-XT) to last? Mine seem like they did much better when new (15 years ago). They still work, but not like I remember.
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    The 3500 BD Deal - Wrap Up

    Wholly crap, that's basically a new boat. Most guys probably don't realize it started from this, nice work! How many man hours you figure?
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    10/2 didn't suck, WFO Skippies and YT, and a bonus

    Crap, that's how hard it is to believe it is November. Yes 11/2/18!
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    10/2 didn't suck, WFO Skippies and YT, and a bonus

    11/2/18, NOVEMBER (not used to typing 11 yet I guess o_O) Short Version: Ridiculous Cabo like weather, non-stop Skippies, non-stop firecracker Yellowtails and a bonus Dodo on the 9 mile bank and a little outside. These fish were starving, and on suicide watch. Long Version: Fished solo...
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    Chris Craft 30 (33) pilothouse build

    The Christina Lynn is such a one-of-kind incredible boat, I imagine the buyer has some deep pockets and "just had to have it", and gave you guys an offer you couldn't refuse. What you guys did from design to execution was a thing of beauty. Good luck with the new one, and keep us posted, I...