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    Need Guidance on a 30 Year Old Fuel Tank - 24'Skipjack Fisherman

    Take this for what is worth, I'm not a professional and have not done a fuel tank install yet. You need to consider the weight (600+ lbs) of fuel in the tank and what it will be doing while on the water. The tank is baffled to minimize the sloshing and movement, but the forces are still...
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    Need Guidance on a 30 Year Old Fuel Tank - 24'Skipjack Fisherman

    Thanks for the follow-up. I like the strap idea, and your 10-12 hours wrestling with it sounds familiar. I'll be doing a 4x6 across the gunnels to get mine up. Mine is 31yo, so I imagine it is in similar shape. Thanks!
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    Need Guidance on a 30 Year Old Fuel Tank - 24'Skipjack Fisherman

    Wow, I'm impressed with your extraction of the tank. I never seen anyone get it out so cleanly with the foam still intact. How did you do it? I'm in the same boat. (pun intended).
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    Front mount hitch?

    Well, sounds like the way to go. I was pretty much ready to pull the trigger. I do have a small power caster for a small camper we have, but there's no way it could handle the boat, plus I don't want to be lugging it to the storage yard. Looks like I'll need to do the trailer hitch shuffle...
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    Front mount hitch?

    Who uses a front mount hitch to park their boat? If so, how heavy is the boat, and any issues? I'm looking to mount a receiver on the front of my 3500 Ram to park my Skipjack in a tight storage space (same space, just longer truck now). Hitches are rated to 350# tongue weight, 3500# towing...
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    San Diego Bay - Free Anchorage
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    SOLD!! Tiara 33 Flybridge w/ Cummins QSB 380's Go Time

    Damn Mike, you guys go through boats quick. Now what?
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    Re power 77’ skipjack flybridge

    Did it all myself. Had Kapdan (an old member here) drive down from OC with his crane truck and hoist it up and in (30 min process) and paid him $150. I did this in 2012, all good, sad thing is I've only put 180hrs on the motor, since then, life and kids have gotten in the way. I did spend...
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    Re power 77’ skipjack flybridge

    I bought my replacement motor from and it was a very smooth and legit process. I bought the silver package and added the other peripherals. Called them on the phone to put the order in and they were very helpful. One thing to consider is shipping. It is freight and I used...
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    VHF Antenna Mount Suggestions

    I have the same boat, two 8ft 5225-XTs. One on each side of radar (redundancy) mounted on the plate with ratchet mounts. No issue towing or on the water.
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    33’ Pilot house build

    From the looks on another post, the mold is done and delivered, do tell. Production, or one off? You're toying with us, aren't you..... :D In any event, this will be a cool build to watch.
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    Looking to defeat reverse lock on Volvo Penta OD

    Yep, know the feeling, been there done that. What I've found is it isn't the catch, it's the alignment of the catch to the rod. If I come in straight, all is good, but if the wheel (OD) is turned, that's when it goes stupid and the catch doesn't engage the rod. Now, they say if you permanently...
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    Seems like a dumb question/tire size

    Amazon has some, then just take them to an installer, Bear's Tire did me right. 14.5 is even harder, I found mine on Amazon that are way better than the garbage I got from Discount. Two of the Discount tires got sidewall blisters within a month and 50 miles on them, and they tried to claim...
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    Campion Boats

    I've eyeballed these boats (Explorer), but have no direct experience. These boats are from the PNW, and appear to be good quality builds. Being a PNW boat, they should be able to handle what we have down here. The price he is offering seems like a good deal. They tend to go for more. Did you...
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    Replacing My Skipjack Sport Cruiser engine

    Once it's all put together and in, spray everything with Boeshield T-9 and you'll be good. Did the same with mine 5 years ago and it still looks new.