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  • Just trying to get a real good idea of use, condition and hours on this boat.
    Any info is appreciated, even if u just tell me to pound sand!!
    Looking for my first Skippy,
    Was the motor used/rebuilt when u bought it?
    Any idea on hours or mods when u installed it and then when u sold it?
    Other than the wiring confusion initially, any other problems with the motor?
    280- original or rebuilt ??
    Was the fuel tank ever replaced?
    Stringers in good condition?
    Eric, Your old '79 Skippy 20'er is for sale on CL. The guy selling it says he bought it from your friends, who bought it from you. I have come to the conclusion that the motor is still the AQ 271 which you bought and installed back in 06-07ish.
    Owner doesn't seem to know much about it or the out drive (VP 280), and I was hoping, if it isn't too annoying that you could shed some light on the boat.
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