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    2006 Parker 2520 xl

    2005 Alfa Diesel Pusher Seeya 37 foot 60k trade
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    For Sale 5 HONDA 225'S 3 ARE BRAND NEW 0 HOURS

    What do you have left? Are we able to have them checked out by a mechanic c?
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    26' custom catamaran-2016

    Does it have a head?
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    Late July Saltwater Fishing:Ketchikan or Skagway

    Ketchikan would be a better choice, I don't think much Halibut are caught in Skagway. Rock fish are caught eveywere. The Halibut fishing in Juneau is great in July and August and the water is normally calm.
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    alaska 1st time

    Juneau, Alaska, great Halibut Fishing, calm waters no big water like the coast gets, $1400.00 for All Day Charter Deluxe for party of 4, plenty of resonalble piced hotels.
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    Advice for fishing in Anchorage or Juneau in late July

    I'm a resident of Juneau, Alaska, I fish May to September Halibut and Salmon. In May and June we need to make the 40 mile run to Icy Straight to find Halibut , they move into our waters in mid June. They stay in the Honey holes until late August early September then move into the shallow water...
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    Mike's on acid!

    I like it, I'll take it up to Juneau, I'm sure they never seen anything like and will defiantly think I'm on Acid
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    Where to start, Alaska info ?

    July August are the best months for the Juneau area Captain Mike
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    wanted to buy diesel boat to 28'

    I have a 26 Blackman with Diesel only 715 hours on motor and out drive comes with trailer great ruff water boat, its listed with Blackman Boats in San Diego, talk to Steve Blackman at Blackman Boats
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    2011 Southeast Alaksa Halibut rules

    I am glad to hear your comments and glad that its not going to stop any real fishermen from going to Alaksa. I have noticed that several of the Lodges are now offering both guided and non-guided fishing, this allows the fishermen to go out non-guided on their own with a GPS Chart Plotter and...
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    2011 Southeast Alaksa Halibut rules

    A new rule went into law requiring Charter boats fishing for Halibut in Area 2 (Skagway, Sitka, Juneau, Ketchikan and all of Southeast Alaska) to release all Halibut over 37 inches. A 37 inch Halibut weight is about 22 pounds. In February this year the Federal Goverment required all charter...
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    I am, what do you want to know? They are at the entrance to Canery Cove and have a fly in lodge. They are the only fishng lodge in the area on South Admirallty Island. They will know the area better than anyone else as they are fishing it everyday. New rules for Halibut will retrict your...
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    looking to buy a new yamaha 9.9

    I puchased one in Juneau, Alaska for 2950.00 last year, power tilt elecric start, I am sure you can do better in the lower 48, no tax in Portland.
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    new pilot house

    Seasport is a great boat several used on market, I have a Navagator 27 I use for Charters in Alaska, has a raked foward windshild that stays clear in the rain but I do have windshild wipers, I paid 55k for in and its a 1994.
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    Which East Cape Resort for less boat ride?

    I agree with the Fat Cat Bill, he fishes all year and he would know