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    PENN "2016" 8-Day trip aboard the American Angler, October 10-18, 2016

    Steve, I have been on a number of the Penn trips, some very fond memories. I will not be on this years trip, Ken and I will be going to Alaska for a week or so. Will miss you all.
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    Fished Grays Harbor last Friday, hooked and released 4 nice Kings, damn it. Was fishing the...

    Fished Grays Harbor last Friday, hooked and released 4 nice Kings, damn it. Was fishing the South Channel. Going to try again on Tuesday. Lots of kings caught from what we saw. Did see a few coho caught as well but not the ones I want, the big hook nosed ones we see in Oct.
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    FAVORITE 10 DAY TRIP (Boat/Date/Why)

    My favorite is Oct. trip, 10 day is preferred but will take an 8 day, I like the Penn trip. Some years ago on a 10 day trip we filled the boat and came home 2 days early. Wahoo were crazy good, tuna and yellows as well. Was a great trip.
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    Willipa Bay short strikes

    I only tie my own leaders, don't trust pre tied rigs. I am heading down again on Tuesday and Wednesday, if you see me say hello, 20 foot thunderjet off shore model in maroon, radom on top. Going to give all the suggestions a try, thanks again to all.
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    50#, 65# or 80# braid on fathom 25n 2 speed?

    I'll let you know about the toro tamer braid when I get back from my 8 day trip in Oct. Used a 25 last year and it is a great reel, now have 2 in the tackle box.
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    Willipa Bay short strikes

    thanks for all your help, appreciate it very much. I do run big river hooks and they are sharp as hell. I guess I will experiment with length between hooks and see what happens. No need to run to QFC. Tim I did tighten my drag but unfortunately I did not get a hit to see what that would do. Had...
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    Willipa Bay short strikes

    Been fishing Willipa Bay as often as I can and have had some luck; a few kings and silvers. My issue is all the short strikes I have been getting. The other day I had 8 take downs and missed them all. Did end up with 2 kings but the ration of hook ups to boated fish sucks. Can any of you...
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    Hay Steve about those new 2016 rods

    Steve I would love to see carnage rods in our store up here. I am selling a lot of Penn reels this year and unfortunately we do not always have them in stock. Perhaps you can arrange or mention it to those who can make it happen, my comments seem to fall on deaf ears. See you next month.
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    American Angler 5 day, Salas Trip, 7/5-10

    seems Steve is always in the jackpot pictures. I wish I was there fishing now, well not right now, our salmon fishing is off the hook crazy now. Took my boat out 2 days aga and ran maybe 5 miles from launch in some nasty water but we managed to limit in 1 hour on silver (coho) salmon. That...
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    Tuna Technique

    I watched one of those events on the AA and it was a fish slaughter for sure, the guys were having a blast. I fish that boat every year and have for past 13 years, going again this Oct on an 8 day trip. I work at Basspro here in Tacoma, stop in and see me, lets talk tuna.
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    I'm entered and expect to win it.
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    next shipment of penn fathom 2 speed?

    Steve I am not sure how our system works but I will pass the info on to my manager.
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    Favorite Long Range boats for 8-10 days or longer.

    In the 13 years I have been doing long range tuna out of San Diego I have only been on 2 boats. Spirit of Adventure was my first trip. I loved it. 7 day trip with 14 people. We loaded up on albacore, yellowtail and a few bluefin. Next year I took the American Angler on a friends suggestion...
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    next shipment of penn fathom 2 speed?

    I work at Bass Pro here in Tacoma, in the fishing department. We are out of Fathom reels currently, wish I had some 40 size reels.
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    PENN "2015" 8-Day trip aboard American Angler October 14-22, 2015

    Steve, I am going crazy here in anticapation of our trip. Working full time here at Bass Pro Shops in Tacoma in the fishing department does nothing but get me pumped up about fishing. Selling a lot of squall reels as well as Fathom reels for halibut season which opens up next month. Going to...