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  • Hi Alan, Need to fill out an 8 day on SOA, limit of 20 fishermen, 9/19-9/27. Lost a couple, posted and filled one, heard you may have a healthy waiting list. If 1 or 2 of your guys who love to fish SOA are not going to be able to go with you this year, could you point them our way? Cost $3280. Charter master, Byron, at (714) 815-7584. Thanks for your reel site. Fantastic! Aloha, Steve
    Hello Al,
    I'm sorry if this is a regurgitated question- I searched around for my answer and wasn't able to find it elsewhere. What I was curious about was interchanging Newell handles. I just purchased a p220m with the stock handle, however on my 220s I like to use 300 handles for the extra cranking power. At the moment I can't find a P 300 series handle, would I be able to use a G handle?
    Alan, I enjoy your postings and respect your opinion. I am looking for a live bait reel for 8-10 day trips. If money is not a concern what would you recommend? I currently have a torque 25nld2 to put on a black hole 250 cape cod jigging outfit like Kilsong.
    Once the hook is set, I then lower the rod to about 9 o clock. After 10-14 ft, then raise up to 11. I started losing a lot less fish.
    The first run when the fish was pulling drag, I was losing fish, until I discovered to lower the rod and get the line touching the water at least 10-14 ft away from the boat before raising the rod to 11 o clock or more.I wait 4-7 seconds usually for baitfishing before engaging in gear. Then wind tight and lift up.
    over like I am pulling on a fish. Rods are usually about 11 o clock.On my lever drag, I mentally or mark with tape or something with 25% is and do the same.The exception to this is fishing light line 12-20 lb test for calico bass fishing. I tend to hammer the drag a little more, and the fish suck down the bait.
    Hello Alan,
    I saw your post about losing fish years ago on long range trips and loosing fish.I switched over from long 20-100 yards of mono- to spectra to 3-8 ft. of fluro or mono.The main adjustment and observation I had to make was my drag setting.I use a Manley’s Spring scale, and adjust my drag on all my reels (star drag) mostly to 25% of breaking strength of line. This is done with the rod bent
    Hi Alan. I've read many of your posts and admire your work.. I'm currently working on a Pro Gear 2500 and need a gear sleeve. I was told that you sell stainless fine thread sleeves for this model. If so,do you have any available and for how much? Thanks,Luis.
    Alan , In reading some of your older posts I see you are a true craftsman and I admire your work. I have an avet 4/02 slightly older reel in fantastic shape, but after reading your post on the upgrade for the drag I would really enjoy to have this done.
    Is there anyway I can contact you to have this done by you. Thank you so much for your help!
    Dan 714-345-9534
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