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    Skipjack 24 Open question?

    Brand new out drive engine package
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    Skipjack 24 Open question?

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    Best boat money can buy for Hawaii?

    Low hour diesel looks like a bargain!
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    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    I think it depends on what you plan to use it for. If your going to the islands a pilot house is so much more comfortable. Especially one that opens up. You can spend a day or two and get by.
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    Bait Tank Recommendation Needed

    Bait bag that will work ok.
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    Skipjack 20 Mod V vs. Deep V

    Deep v 1979 all were the same. You are going to get beat up crossing the channel with a 20 foot boat. If your 30 it is no big deal.
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    Skipjack 20 Mod V vs. Deep V

    I had a 20 for years worked fine crossing the channel. It is a wet boat though and canvas with eisenglass windshield made a difference. At 20 feet you need to watch your days with the weather.
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    Are fish counts accurate? My experience...

    Interesting post. I was on a Ventura sportboat last year and we whacked the seabass. The report that night showed only a couple caught on the boat that day. I called the landing and asked why and they said it keeps the smaller private boats away from chasing them all day.
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    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    Interesting post and comments. May I suggest you call or visit him. Explain your side on what you think happened. If that holds no resolution than simply file a coast guard report for unsafe boat operation.
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    Need opinions on new trailer

    What is the price you paid?
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    Need opinions on new trailer

    4 k assuming new bearings/brakes checked/ and properly fitted to your boat.
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    Yellow Banks WSB June 12

    Awesome report congratulations!
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    Grady Marlin 30 versus World Cat 320EC?

    I would buy whatever one used that has low hours on it. Probably pay 1/2 or less on the dollar.
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    HELP!!!!! Oil extractor hose broke off in MOTOR!!!!!!!!

    Good idea I guess 1 more would be to put a wet and dry vacumn at the plug