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    SOLD 1988 18' Stringari PH

    I think this is the quickest sale in history with the most interest!! Congratulations to the seller and new owner
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    For Sale 1992 Sea Ox 26’ Blue water pro

    Sea ox has the same hull as Grady. My buddy had this same model with twin Yamaha 200s. Beast of a boat. Glws
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    For Sale 18ft RadonCraft new post

    Looks like the throttle is all the way and only getting 4800-4900? And max at 29 knots? I think the prop is off. beautiful boat though, GLWS
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    Suzuki Df140/150

    My 2012 mercury 115hp fourstroke is at 1300 hours if that helps. I need more horse power though.
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    For Sale Defiance yellowtail craig's list

    I don’t think it’s sold, looks like someone flagged it.
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    Suzuki Df140/150

    Where are you getting it?
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    Suzuki Df140/150

    I am in the same situation, but will probably get 140 hp. I will never go WOT. Had a 2002 suzuki 140 and ran flawless.
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    SOLD 2001 Cape Craft 22CC W/ 2008 Optimax 150

    Looks like the cushions flip up
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    For Sale Stainless tower

    That looks aluminum
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    Trophy 2152 WA maintenance & troubleshooting

    They are the same boat. Solid boat. I think the newer trophy line, Bayliner took back. I know Brunswick stop making them. The annoying thing for me was water would fill up the floor fish holds. But that is with most boats that have it. The macerater pump is a bitch to get to for replacement. I...
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    Trophy 2152 WA maintenance & troubleshooting

    The engine compartment is tight as hell for maintenance. I use to have the 2052 model. I had to make special tools because I couldn't get my hands into certain areas. Trophy got away with wood for the stringers and transom in 2004-2005 timeframe. Bruinswick bought the trophy line in 1999-2000. I...
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    For Sale 19to20 ft center console 8,999

    Easy guys. The 2nd picture shows a winch and strap attached. But the crazy strap around the bow is pretty ghetto LOL. Not to mention the orange strap to secure the bracket for the bunk.
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    For Sale 19to20 ft center console 8,999

    Did you modify the splashwell area? Doesn’t look stock.
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    For Sale 22’ hydro step pilot house

    Do you have pictures of the deck and interior? What do you mean minimal work? It could mean a lot of different things to different people.