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    WTB WTB - Simrad NSS9 Evo 2 or 3

    yeah I should have got two. It was from defender. Another BDer shared it last year. Have not seen the offer again
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    Fuel tank cleaning and coating

    Coated my tank with black tar from proline paint.
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    WTB WTB - Simrad NSS9 Evo 2 or 3

    Remanufactured one year warranty
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    Avet or ?

    50 is a big reel for a sporty and winding flatfalls. It's good for macs and kites. I would use my HXW or a 30 with 100#. Penn and Okuma are nice reels.
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    Mounting B175HW ducer with the fingertips of one hand?

    dry fit. dry fit. dry fit. I had two hand access top and bottom, but with an uneven surface I did a few dry fits before the installation. Maybe it's time to cut a bigger hole.
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    BFT 2/26

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    Grady White Islander 26' Bait Tank Install

    Nice! The hoses should between the deck and the tank without much bend depending. The bulk head, not sure. sweet boat.
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    Grady White Islander 26' Bait Tank Install

    if it fits in between the two inspection plates and both pipes point towards the stern, you are golden. If you have a mismatch on pipe sizing and you make the smaller one bigger with marine shrink wrap over the fitting to increase the size. Dish soap is your friend for lubing up tight...
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    Hook size on sibiki

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    Food recs for offshore

    12 volt food warmer. Filipino food. takes a few hours to warm to temp. Plug it in and let it get ready. very low amp draw.
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    WTB WTB - Simrad NSS9 Evo 2 or 3

    I picked up a reman for $900 last year as $$ was tight. Really happy with the unit so far and it came with a 1 year warranty. defender marine, but can't find them at the moment Simrad NSS9 evo3 Combo - REMAN, Insight Cartography
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    Help with rigging flying fish

    local knowledge has a tutorial. Ali and the boys know a few things.
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    For Sale Diawa Saltist 35H $220

    Are you interested in this 20h?
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    Ensenada - feasible by sea?

    What do you want to fish for, from your boat, in Ensenada?