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    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    At this point, he’s definitely over limits! Only question that remains is whether we cite the OP or those that bit?!
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    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    lol.....this dude didn’t fish the 14 for bottom fish, he trolled the board for suckers....and limited. :nutkick:
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    What arm pit do you fish with?

    Way to not over complicate holding a rod while spinning a reel crank....
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    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    I concur.....which is why we should speculate! My money is still on Bayliner Capri :D
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    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    How can one possibly provide intelligent info on how to resolve when there’s a clear lack of details and information pertinent to the issue at hand?
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    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    didn’t mean to hurt your feelings time you get online and see somethig that offends you, pour yourself some cocoa, curl up in a ball and scream at the wall.
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    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    I think at this point it’s fair game to start guessing some of the details of this matter. I’m guessing that all this man’s fuss is over a Bayliner Capri....or one of those 12’ Sears Aluminum boats. If my name was on the title, I’d go straight to his house when he’s not home and hook the...
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    Vandals at Shelter Island Launch Ramp parking lot!

    Cause all they can do is scream at the sky. Besides, it makes sense that Biden supporters took them, they feel entitled to everything earned by the hard working. :-)
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    17 foot Boston whaler Build for my dad

    I ordered fiberglass tubes from McMaster Carr. On the install I puttied (cabosil and resin) the glass tubes in and then glassed over the ends so it’s all flush.
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    17 foot Boston whaler Build for my dad

    Concur. I’m refitting my 16’ nauset and replaced the brass drain tubes with glass tubes......never have to screw with em again.
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    And... yet another skipjack rebuild. Help needed

    Making your own thickened resin putties is the worst. There’s premixed structural putties that you can just add catalyst too, they’re a ton easier to work with. I’ve been using fiberlay Structural Putty for filling holes in foam core on my Whaler then glassing over. For larger projects like...
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    Feedback Please

    Yeah I saw garbage too. Pick up a digital pencil and actually start sketching So it’s a unified style. The solid, more aggressive lines in the fish don’t match with the shaded cabbage, it looks like copy paste of random images.
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    What boat manufacture is this ?

    Yup... c-dory tomcat
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    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Took my new reels for a test drive last week. Took my new ladies out for a day in the town last week.
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    Should I invest or buy different boat? Radoncraft 1989 22ft

    A Farallon hull would cut through the swell and chop better up here but you already have a desireable boat that runs (with recent fuel cell change) and is worth putting money into. You might even get way upside down if you wind up with another used boat that needs needs unseen upgrades or major...