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    17" Logic project boat

    Hull is good to 75hp
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    17" Logic project boat

    Sold - Bought this a few years ago was told it had a dead cylinder with no compression. These motors are cheap and easy to fix but I lost interest when I bought a bigger boat. Boat is 2001 and includes the trailer. 70 HP Johnson, Bimini top, fishfinder and trolling motor. No battery, it needs...
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    south coronado islands.damd seals

    Paintball gun - bait em with Bonito. Pretty soon you will forget you are fishing.
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    Lost hoop net SD Bay - 10/21

    Lost one last night early on with the ripping incoming tide. Should have known better but had friends in town from Co. and took them out. Conical net with thick yellow rope and a float that looks like this:
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    1960s big boy BBQ grill

    My neck hurts
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    1978 BERTRAM 28

    Jeez, don't make it easy to check out your boat.. Edit: thanks for posting the pics instead of the link
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    Lost nets please help if possible

    You might also check Craigslist, if I find them the next morning in the bay I'll post them up there and here. I have lost enough of my own and know how it feels so I try and get them back to the owners.
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    Lost nets please help if possible

    A tide flow of 2 knots or higher will ruin your day unless you have proper setups although not much seems to help if a pile of kelp drags them off. We found 3 nets on opening Saturday night in SD bay that were floating on their own all together, all different floats. We left them hoping the...
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    San Diego Bay - Dense Fog - Lost Traps

    Yes please be careful, a few years ago same deal. As I was heading back to the launch ramp I came across 3 guys sitting in a tri hull without gps floating in the middle of the channel not realizing where they were. They followed me back just as the big car hauler came through.
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    1/4 tangles like a mofo.