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    Offshore TR: Outrider 6/4 - 6/7

    Fantastic write up. Did they fly one or two kites on this trip?
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    200lb hollow vs 130lb for BFT on a Mak30

    That last 100 yds is for abrasion resistance, either stepped from 100 to 130 or 130 to 200. With less line out, the death spirals get the line closer to the hull of the boat and will touch it if you aren't careful. Same issue for tangles. Also same issue with other tuna, especially right...
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    What reel, what purpose, what braid…

    I personally like the hollow on everything so I can cut out nicks or splice on line easily. The end loops are nice for windons but I'm able to do an ok FG knot., just not as quick as others. I have been hesitant to use the fg knot when fishing for bigger tuna, but I just think that is inertia...
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    Proven Assist Hooks for bluefin jigging

    The bridle setup will allow you to use lighter line, get better hook to land ratios, and probably more bites as the lure action isn’t impeded by a trailing hook. Other ways work too, but the hook to land ratio is like 80-90% with bridle and a large circle hook. Only fish I lost I was sawed off...
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    Offshore Royal Star 3 day 5-31 Report

    Thanks for the report! Sorry to miss this weekend. Try bridling the colt snipers with circle hooks. You can fish lighter leader, get better hookups, fewer losses, and more action on the lure meaning more bites. Not saying its always better, but for the bigger fish, it certainly helps.
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    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 5/13-16

    We did not get a good jig bite. I think 4-5 BFT were taken on jigs, rest on bait. And they were mostly smaller bft. So, no, I didn't get to use the bridle setup on a fish. It wasn't for lack of trying...
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    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 5/13-16

    Fully booked boat so 28 people, as a result I fished the bow 80% of the time. We did better than most but not as good as a few. Captain Mike really helped the fleet out by calling in others to what was the only biting school in the area on Friday. It was us and 4 long range boats by the end...
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    Trolling planers for bluefin?

    So yet another experiment :). I notice some east coast guys using planers for bluefin trolling. Has anyone tried them out here and what size planers, lures and baits did you use? Probably will troll a #4 or #6 inline planer on a planer bridle so the planer can be removed. What about side...
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    Sea Adventure 80 2.5 day on May 13th, anyone else going?

    First trip of the year. Hopefully the bite will continue for a few more days. Might try to go "light" on tackle and rods this time.
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    Another flat fall rigging thread

    No assist hooks if you bridle. I gues you could use circle assist hooks on the bottom of the lure but it is unnecessary. To test this, rig the bridle, throw the lure in a trash can and try to pull it out quickly at a 90 degree angle. It sets on the edge of the trash can every time. The...
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    Another flat fall rigging thread

    So tie the hook directly to the end of the line. Then make a loop in Kevlar cord about 1.5-2 inch circle. A simple overhand knot will do. You loop one end on the top of the flatfall, then you loop the other end onto the bend in the hook. You can easily remove the loop from the hook should...
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    Another flat fall rigging thread

    J hooks on the assist hooks, that's what I use when fishing smaller fish. But if you're fishing over 100lb tuna, a bridled circle hook has a much higher hook to land ratio than any assist hook setup. Almost 2:1. If I can get into another heavy bite, I'll give out more detailed stats. But, I...
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    Offshore What worked for BFT 4/27 Polaris Supreme

    Just use a shorter version than what’s in my avatar
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    Offshore What worked for BFT 4/27 Polaris Supreme

    Fantastic write up. That is what BD is all about. 80% of bites on the sink and getting bit off a lot on 60lb is a perfect setup for bridling the flatfalls. I don't know why more people aren't trying it, but I guarantee you will double your bite to land ratio. You will miss a few fish on the...
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    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    95% of my irons, 90% of trolling lures (I use 3-4 now), too heavy rain shadow popping rod, 90% of my stick baits and poppers (they aren’t cheap either)