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  • Perhaps there will be a resurgence in the charter business too
    Hell there are lots of 6 pac and 12 pac boats around and even chartering one of the Big Guys for 25 friends or clients would be great
    OK I'll go back to watering my tomatoes and fishing for small mouth (had 5 yesterday morning all on the surface one was pushing 5lbs
    Sorry Tom I just had to do it
    I get so tired of the Dickwads on hear badmouthing the Sport Boats
    How about the crew members that get a chance at catching something more than sculpin and blacksmith
    Good for them It's one hell of a lot more work for them but I know that the vast majority of them are loving it.
    And I'm glad for the owners getting a chance to make a few bucks too.
    Hi Tom
    You may not be the one,However this Morning to My Yahoo Page and there was a Coupon for Big 5 for 10% off,
    However when you click it , theres no Redirection..nothing..thought I would pass that along my friend...I shop there as I have myself and 2 Boy's in Sports,
    thanks and have a great Day!! Tony
    af dreamer
    Thanks,retired now but will pass it along to the co.Tom
    Hi there,

    I saw on a post that you are running NSE's on your boat. I am about to install an NSE12 with structure scan on mine. Is there anything I need to know? Are there any extra cables I need to order? I ordered the GS25 antenna since it does not have internal.
    af dreamer
    just saw your post,I dont have the structure scan.Check with your local dealear.I think you might need the sonar hub.Tom
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