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    Safety check on oahu

    Jason, thanks for the information.
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    Safety check on oahu

    Does any one know the updated light requirements for trailer safety check here on oahu? My lights are not permanent to the trailer and in need of safety check. thanks,
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    Windward Side 5/22 & 5/26

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    almost bolo head 5/29/15

    congrats on ur catch
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    Got Lucky Yesterday "First one for the year"

    congrats :hali_olutta:
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    congrats on ur catch pat:hali_olutta:
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    furuno gp1870f

    thanks Po'o Pa'a for the information
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    Waianae - May14, 2015

    Congrats on ur catch russ
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    furuno gp1870f

    Yea this unit has some new cool features im leaning towards buying one. How is the FF performance during bottom fishing and trolling? what kind of transducer would you recommend for this setup?
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    furuno gp1870f

    howzit BD, im planning on upgrading my FF. I need some info if anyone have one or has used one and any reviews and recomendations on furuno gp1870f combo for use in Hawaiian waters. Pretty much a overall review and is it worth getting? thanks.
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    What do you use your fish finder for?

    Howzit guys, as mentioned above also I want to upgrade to a better fish finder but don't know which fish finder to buy, which brand etc. Im looking for something I can use for trolling and bottom fishing also reading the fad's area for jigging. Their is a lot of brands and functions and I don't...
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    June 19th Action!

    congrats on the yellow guy. cool vid.
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    Zulu das u?
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    AHI 7.22.13

    congrats nice
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    Tuna Report. Waianae.

    congrats on ur catch...sashimi all day :hali_olutta: