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    Cousins Rod out of business?

    Hope so I think they make the best with phenix a close second
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    Cousins Rod out of business?

    In my great purge of all my old gear (10-30 years) I only kept my Calstar (grafighters) and purchased several phenix (axis rods). In my mind these 2 have similar actions. Fished them as much as I can without any issues all have held up great even when I fish to the heavy line limits of the...
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    70 pound Bigeye Tuna on PENN Torque TRQ40NLD2 aboard Prowler

    20 years ago on the Pronto with skipper Alan Fay trolling jigs get hit by 30-35 # Albies. I flyline a dean at the same time Alan did. I got hooked up On my 30# Newell 332 to a bigeye He snapped his 30# live bait rig, scampered to the wheel house came back with a penn 30w and got hooked up again...
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    3.5 Day Top Gun 80 8/24 to 8/28

    Was also on the top gun trip mr lucky! First time on the boat liked the crew . Loved the “coaching” from Scott and bob both had some great one liners. Classic skipper talk!! Was the lucky one to get a bft on the kite, Scotty did a great job talking me through to gaff. Great setups for the...
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    Secret spot for yt

    Nice job on the interpretation “Unknown Fisherman” ....the rest of you need a little more imagination. Excellent day, good fishing and great skipper! Ace”Dashiell Hammett”Chanley
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    Secret spot for yt

    Fished with some of my home boys Monday at the secret spot for Mexican yellowtail. El Capitan Kiel rocked, lead us to the promised land for the Willy Yellowtail. The tax man (pinniped) did his worst but the crew came home with double digit yellowtail. Gotta remember to always trade the with the...
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    For Sale Hundreds of fishing lures (Bass, Trout, & Salmon) for sale

    Have hundreds of fishing lures in 3 large tackle boxes and 4 smaller tackle boxes. The following is a partial list of some of these unused lures: *Mepps (various sizes)- 30-40 *Rooster Tails-20-40 *Rattle-Traps- 20-30 *Panther Martins -20-30 *Wiggle Warts -35-40 * Crocodiles- 10-15 *Acme Little...
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    WTB Phenix Redeye Travel Rod

    Have one. Excellent rod! Got mine at Anglers Choice
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    Tiagra 16 worth

    I have a Tiagra 16 with a Baker topless frame, t-bar aftermarket handle, high end bearings ( Kens Custom Reels) 80# spectra (400 yds). What is this thing worth?
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    For Sale Calstar gf 760L

    Price reduction $160.
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    For Sale Calstar gf 760L

    as new grafighter 760L fished once (sat on the rail for 5 days) purchased last year.$185.00. Ace $2
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    Spectra recommendations

    Have a new diawa 300 and will be matching it with a 20-25 # trigger stick(7ft) that will be used as my traveling rod for east cape surf and light tackle rod and for calicos at Cedros . Will be using a 20-40# 1.5 to 2 ft fluoro (john Collins knot) and/or wire leader Mainly will be tossing...
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    El Capitan 2.5 day 15-18

    Haven't been on the El Capitan. Fished with Allen numerous times on the pronto. We called him the Fish Nazi! Caught bigeye, many stupid albacore bites, and lots of yt. He is one of the best. Have yet to fish his new boat. Appreciate the press and may try to sneak out here in the next few weeks...