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    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    I used a template. Placed it against the bracket and drilled holes. Then placed the template against the hull. Once properly aligned, I drilled the mounting holes through the transom. Then, I did a dry fit to make sure it was perfect. The backing plates worked over the bolt threads and the bolts...
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    New Grady-White 208 Hardtop w/ Tuna Tower! PYT

    My PYT hardtop is 12 to 13 years old. The frame has held up well. No problem there. The problem I had was rotten balsa core in the hard top itself. Shaking and vibration breaks open the sealant allowing water to penetrate the core. The balsa delaminated from the fiberglass shell and removed...
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    Transducer Question B75M vs B75H

    If your 585L supports 1kw, I suggest you replace that P66 with a TM260. The returns will amaze you. I run mine in 50hz most of the time due to its wider cone. I use traditional over Axiom high Chirp most of the time. This picture shows both 50k and high Chirp side by side. This is 50khz in...
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    The Highjacking of Dana Point Harbor By a Wall Street investment group and what we can do about it.

    That sucks! We have a very similar situation here in San Rafael. Loch Lomond Marina. Housing and development plans were approved years ago. The Plan called for an improved marina. The developer dressed up the breakwater and created some green areas. Fuel dock has been shut down for 5 or 6...
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    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion. did a video of fiberglassing to plywood. Worth watching. I believe he rolled resin onto the plywood as a separate step to ensure good penetration. Are you adding trim tabs? I found that I use them more now with my bracket/outboard than I did when it was I/O.
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    Kodiak Trailer brakes

    I watched that video. Cleanest brake caliper I've ever seen! Funny thing is my pads came last week so I'll be doing this soon. Can you wedge a door shim or chisel between the rotor and pad so you can bend that tab over?
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    Raymarine Element fuel level connection.

    I have an Axiom based network spliced into the Suzuki/ Simrad backbone. I also have the Simrad digital fuel sensor. The engine's C10 engine display is Simrad based. I needed to calibrate the fuel sensor with a Simrad based device (C10 qualifies) to get it to work. Maybe your Garmin sensor...
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    Raymarine Element fuel level connection.

    Is the Element recognising the Garmin sensor in the network? In SETTINGS or NETWORK there should be a page that lists all components. Could be that you need to manually select the sensor.
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    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    I doubt you will find a WA or cabin boat over 24 feet long that gets 3mpg at cruise. If it does it is either very lightly loaded or not much deadrise. I've looked at Parker's. I think they lack storage spaces and in- deck fishboxes. Wood construction. All turnoffs for me. Others mentioned...
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    21-23' center console or walkaround?

    I own a Pro-Line 251 WA. Stern to bow pulpit measures 27'4". It has a separate head compartment. It is the smallest boat I know of that does. It is a waste of space IMO. I think you are better off with a porta potty under the V birth to be used for dire circumstances. Easier to thoroughly clean...
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    What company for new electronics

    I assume you will network these devices. If you stick to one brand, they will all update via the MFD ( Raymarine for sure). I am very happy with my Raymarine! Axiom 9RV, EV100 auto pilot, Quantum WiFi radar and Ray50 vhf. Those are about 3 years old and without issues. I recently added a 1kw...
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    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    I own a Pro-Line 251 WA. One of the best features is the open back that allows you to manuver and play a fish when fishing solo. You can't do this with most pilothouse designs unless there is an aft helm station. My hardtop has handrails which makes it easier and safer to get to the bow to fish...
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    Yamaha vs Mercury

    Suzuki! Compare features over the competition. Troll mode. Lighter. Lean burn. Timing chain vs a belt. Price will probably be better also!
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    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Congratulations on splashing it! So much work and time involved in just the conversion, let alone the electronics and layout and steering... You will see performance and MPGs improvement as you get more hours on it. Trimming and tabs will affect performance also. I find it more sensitive than...
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    Cracked Transom

    Assuming you have $4k at hand, I'd spend it to get those engines running. Look on YouTube for methods to salvage outboards that have gone under. I hope your mechanic at least squirted some oil into each cylinder after he pulled plugs. Once they run, you'll get better money for them if you decide...