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    Bait tank recommendations?

    I have a Defiance 50 gallon. Great tank for anchovies and probably other baits. But I have only had anchovies in it. Lots of guys chasing Albacore using Defiance bait tanks in the northwest. Installs are fairly easy. But you’ll need a good game plan. I would suggest getting on the northwest...
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    Pacific Edge bait tank install.

    Pretty easy to do on your own. I attached my pump to the seacock and installed another valve down stream of the pump. Basically I can secure both valves and replace my pump if needed out at sea. My 2016 came prewired with deutsch connectors. You will need a crimping tool for that. the deck is...
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    WTB Tanacom 750

    Thanks guys but was looking to buy from a more non-corporate site. I know some companies will run promos at certain times a year (like tackle direct). Walmart or Amazon might be my choice. Either way appreciate the responses.
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    WTB Tanacom 750

    Hi all. Im looking to purchase 2 tanacom 750’s online. Anyone know of any online sales or promo codes? Live in Washington but currently out of state, hence the reason I’m looking but online. Thanks!
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    2020 Ocean Salmon Season

    Thanks Dave!
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    Removal of Passenger Seat?

    I recently removed mine. I think it was 5 screws total. Pretty easy.
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    Fuel Tank Repair & Rotten Transom

    I put a little fan in my bilge and pull the deck caps so the air can circulate through my bilges. Keeps everything down there nice and dry. the rear deck hatch (rectangle one) is a POS. It leaks from the factory.
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    Fish storage

    I do not miss infloor fish boxes. It’s much easier cleaning my transome box on my 2320.
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    Fish storage

    1charter is using a giant ice tote on the deck for storage on a 28. In my 2320 I keep a 30x60 kill bag jammed up front and another one on the deck.
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    Joining the Family

    Congratulations on the upgrade. You’ll enjoy it!
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    Parker Sea Dek

    I’m interested in getting just the bolsters pads done if anyone has a price on that.
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    2320 Bruce anchor issue

    My boat is without a pulpit. Would you mind posting a picture of how your anchor is set up (the roller part). Thanks!
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    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    That’s a Burnewiin product. I have 4 of their rod holders on my boat. They’re great, and make good stuff!
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    Permatrim and 18" trim tabs

    Oops I meant to reply to lougio.