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    Best BD Videos.... for All who need a fishing fix.....

    Made this from a recent trip down to K&M sport fishing!
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    Built first gaff

    Figured with all the down time I might as well try my hand at making a gaff. Going to build another one in a few days. Any tips or recommendations on how to improve for next time?
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    Here's the status at Dana Landing in Mission Bay

    Yeah I'll head out from point loma and then work my way up the coast. Probably hitting La jolla and try to slow putt and meter around.
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    Here's the status at Dana Landing in Mission Bay

    I'll be heading out tomorrow! You heading offshore or staying local?
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    Here's the status at Dana Landing in Mission Bay

    Did he strictly say that landings were being closed too?
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    Trip Planning - launch and marina slip recommendations

    Dana doesn't have a fresh water washdown. Not sure which ones in the area do though.
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    Online Video Games

    Yeah mobile is weak. Its cross platform for xbox and playstation. Play it on there and its wayyyyy harder. I think its like $20 but I've been playing it strictly for like 1.5 years and still am not tired of it.
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    Online Video Games

    Playerunknown BattleGrounds (Pub G). Kinda shitty sometimes but super intense and fun.
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    Best Phenix for Tranx 400

    smx82mh. Its a rad combo. Favorite inshore set up, can cast plastics for calicos, smaller irons for yellows at the cornados, and small snipers for school size tuna. Its a rad combo, and i've landed all the above on it. Its rated 15-40. You gotta remember the Lexa 400 is wayyy bigger than the...
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    single hooks for snipers

    Very abused. Lots of toothy fish like to eat it.
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    single hooks for snipers

    I think I ran out of split rings on this one but they get bit and stay hooked.
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    single hooks for snipers

    I usually run a swivel on mine. split ring to swivel to split ring to vmc hook. I had a few friends run without the swivel and they kept feeling as if they were getting bit but not sticking. The swivel allows the hook to move freely.
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    Long Beach FH Long Beach Vendor cancellation due to the Corona Virus

    Anyone know if they are still going to offer the free braid deal through another vendor?