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    Davis Cortez 22

    How are the oil pan and engine mounts any rust?
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    Offshore Bluefin Tuna scale mystery - UPDATE !!!

    The Tuna Club of Avalon 100 St Catherine Way, Avalon, CA 90704 (310) 510-0079
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    Offshore BFT everywhere but my boat

    Thank you for the were able to get the poppers right on top of them and no bite? Are you fishing on a center console? thx
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    About Boat US Towing Policy..... You should know...

    Yes better read the fine Boat U.S. "Unlimited Gold" on-the-water-towing-service-agreement-2021 agreement--Section C line 3 states: 3. Unlimited Gold: The Unlimited Gold Membership pays 100% for towing benefits provided to a covered vessel within the responding TowBoat U.S.service...
  5. Skipjack FB stowable

    Skipjack FB stowable

    Off of a 1980 Skipjack worn but still usable. $20.
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    24' Skipjack flybridge w/ Hard top $price cut

    ...that model could have a stainless steel oil pan :) can check with a magnet.
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    24' Skipjack flybridge w/ Hard top $price cut

    The description says it's a 41"P" engine but picture looks like a 41"B"?
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    Rpt-12-09-20 SCI Fun!

    A shout-out to Gabe for an excellent job cleaning the boat deck on the return leg...there wasn't a single squid ink stain left anywhere... much appreciated! Gabe also had some useful fishing tips and great fishing stories when he fished his Glacier Bay 22' back in the day...Thank You Gabe!
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    Offshore Taking Doctors for some tuna

    ...ass gas or grass-nobody rides for free...?
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    SOLD- skipjack with 300 supercharged mercury

    wow very nice...does the motor tilt completely out of the water? Who did the repower looks clean. Thx.
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    Kad43 volvo penta 220 horse with outdrive

    thanks...who did the rebuild thx
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    Kad43 volvo penta 220 horse with outdrive

    would u consider selling just the outdrive thx.
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    Volvo Penta DP-E Outdrive.

    is there any warrantee thx
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    Grady White 282 Sailfish, BW 285 Conquest, Pursuit 2870 WA

    There's a 1999 diesel VP 44p grady 27 located in Sunset Aquatic the sign has a phone # 714-356-9288 good luck
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    Offshore Fishing butterfly

    Good report. How Is the GB as a fishing platform? Pros cons? Looks like a lot of deck space to control the fish. Do you tow it from L.A.? Thanks.