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    If thinking of fishing in Morro Bay

    Your absolutely correct kaosx, Virgs Landing since the change of ownership some time ago, it was apparent, it was not the same and its really very obvious presently. From last years social media mud slinging from the owner of Virgs versus a bunch of very unhappy former customers, it was really...
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    If thinking of fishing in Morro Bay

    Just a FYI to anyone thinking of jumping on a trip out of the two landings in Morro Bay. The BEST option is to book out of MORRO BAY LANDING for you trip. From the office staff to the boats, leaps better then the other landing, virgs Landing. I used to ride the boats at virgs, but this last...
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    3/4 day out of Virg's Landing on 10-7-19

    Went out with some friends on the 3/4 day trip on the Rita G. Capt said slow fishing in the local area so he was going to a new area. Good decision. We all caught our limits of red vermilion and limits of ling cod in two hours. Off the hook fishing. Fantastic time for all on boat. The ocean...
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    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    ABSOLUTLY CORRECT!!!! This guy is a train wreck. Gotta to be out of your mind or on a suicide mission to get near a boat he's on..
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    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    What are the other owners involved with the Prowler and Pacifica thinking with this knucklehead in charge. Would have to believe the pending law suits on the Prowler incident that are still pending are strengthened 10 fold for the victims of this guy. USCG needs to get a reality check on...
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    Increased crime in Baja?

    You got to love the post "Ive been driving in Baja for the past 150 years and never had a problem". Guess what, News flash, times have changed, just ask the two Americans who were murdered in the home along with their pet dog from the thiefs who were attempting to steal their boat parked on...
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    BFT/albacore out of SLO and/or nearby

    Not the greatest reputation in Morro Bay from what I know. Much better small boat operations to choose from.
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    What ever happened to that guy Josh Templeton

    I don't see that ego maniac pounding his chest anymore on the big fishing websites. Did someone take him out finally? I know some locals sunk his cabo boat in PV some time back..................
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    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Wether they file fraud charges or not, this is going to cost them a bundle, just to defend themselves. So, so desperate and so very stupid. Most definitely, their sportboat reputations and lively hood are completely over. Beside, I think the only insurance they possible get now, would be from...
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    Largest Ling cod caught on the Central Californis Coast for 2016

    Take a look at Virgs Landing's website on Facebook for the picture of the 32.5 Lingzilla caught. Caught on the Rita G on 10/23. 180 reds to go with it. WHAT A HOG!!! Largest Ling cod on the Central Coast of California for 2016 so far. Great job by the angler
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    BLUEFIN TUNA OK again in Mexican Waters! Good news!

    Hopefully Scott McDaniels won't screw it up again.
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    Sea Adventure II Monday 8/24

    My gosh, how many stories have to be told. How about just burning your money in the parking lot for a bonfire.
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    Morro bay rock cod and salmon

    Beware.......DFW will cite you on the spot if you have any hooks with a barb on your boat when you have a salmon on board. I guess you got your bottom fish on barbless hooks.