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    The Challenger "EL MATADOR" build out begins . . .

    beautiful, great photos excellent reconfigure. keep them coming
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    Anderson Greenough 21

    wow great boat
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    Custom Battery boxes

    Another photo
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    Custom Battery boxes

    We build custom battery boxes, using our standard batt box molds, we cut and paste. Many projects would have nonskid pattern and rigid core to become a step
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    WTB wtb - thru hull step wrench - san diego

    We band saw steel plate the inside diameter of the fitting. They have lugs that the plate wedges against. Held with vice grips
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    I need Transom/engine advice

    Just finished one yesterday.
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    Diesel Salty Dog

    That’s an early photo of the motors I rebuilt for my boat. The repower Cats might not look as good,
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    Diesel Salty Dog

    Picture of one of mine. Heavy
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    Diesel Salty Dog

    I’m going to have a couple of caterpillar 3208 375 hp in excellent service. Coming out of a Cabo 35
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    Diesel Salty Dog

    Good question, I was offered an abandoned Skipjack 24 open. Local marina, Wanted it gone. After getting excited about another Mexico project, I realized, Free, is never what it appears. The effort required to revive a gas inboard, was not much less than the much better suited Diesel project...
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    Diesel Salty Dog

    This one’s heading to Mexico
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    Diesel Salty Dog

    Apparently this one was originally from Alaska. The Volvo 40 series is still running fine since new. The fresh Cummins should wake her up.
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    Mako 254 rebuild

    Great work, really liked the through transom supports. I’m assuming that hatch mold will produce multiple penetrations for your project.
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    Beware Cabrillo dry boat storage

    Sorry for your mishap. Hopefully it’s not a huge event, at minim a new starter. I’ve got one of the larger sailboats in dry storage. They don’t offer the service of launching without an owner present. The bigger boats are too big to easily be moved by the yard guys. It’s a bit of an...