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    Bait tank help on a skipjack 24

    Squish them
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    What type of waterproof sealant to use?

    McMaster Carr catalog. Neoprene foam rubber strips. Overwhelming choices, hardness, width, height, We don’t calk them down, impossible to remove. Just my way of thinking
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    33’ Pilot house build

    Mold making resin filled with an extender to limit shrink
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    33’ Pilot house build

    Preparing plug for mold
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    Volvo Penta 5.7L with XDP outdrive

    The Volvo’s have alignment lugs cast into the shield. It’s a feeler gauging system. A screwdriver will work. The biggest thing to check is side to side. Your aligning your exhaust risers with the “Y pipe Easily out of alignment side to side
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    Gas station crook in Guerrero negro

    I just stared at the pump while he was trying to re direct. Skunk. Yes it’s the station closest to the monument on the outbound side. Never leave the pump, and have your calculator ready.
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    Gas station crook in Guerrero negro

    Got taken by a Pemex reptile. I pulled in to fill up. While letting the dog out, slippery resets the pump. Adds on an additional ten bucks and plays with the exchange rate. While attempting to engage me, I asked him if he played games with locals as well? I kept my ten, told him if there’s a...
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    Going to Bola need info

    Just returned from the East Cape No problems
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    Mexico Travel Restrictions extended

    Drove Baja last week it was open, with limited traffic. The East cape was slowly opening
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    Volvo dualprop restoration.

    Back in the day, the gap between the motors was considered, innovative. until they started using late model drives, they never had cavitation problems. the Pictured 290 drives have spacers that eliminate cavitation in a turn. She's also got slender side decks. With the two Chevy's she owns the...
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    another 23/26 Blackman build

    Fabulous work keep the photos coming
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    Volvo dualprop restoration.

    After eleven years in Baja, multiple shade tree repairs over the years, I yanked everything last fall, and trucked it back to the shop. It was Volvo Grant, of Sea&Ski who convinced me it was time. His pronouncement, that “All us Baja Cunts, have to bring it home every ten years” As many of us...
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    Cracked Transom

    Terrible bracket. Terrible hull design. IMO If you eyeball estimate the height of the cavitation plate, the bracket and planing height is about 8-10 inches too low. Meaning, as the photos show, the motors are drowning. The freeboard height is borderline irresponsible. If there’s a fix, given the...
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    Marine surveyor OC/LB area

    I’d ask Sea&Ski to advise on the diesel
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    Border politics can be very apparent. Waited 12 hours in TJ last year, after current regime made an announcement about immigration. lanes closed, got to crossing at midnight, the roadway was awash in urine, hawkers had switched to selling gas by the gallon.