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    WTB aftco 50lb and 130lb bent butt

    I have 1- Aftco 130 black and gold bent butt $100 pm me your number if interested
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    Prayers for the lost fishermen

    Amen, prayers for them and their families, stay safe out there no matter how big your boat,like Mike said VHF and Epirb can save your life. the gold reels wont
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    2 EVEROL 14/0 2 SPEEDS

    are your reels still for sale?
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    Howzit, how much you asking for your currentline? Mahalo

    Howzit, how much you asking for your currentline? Mahalo
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    NoKaoi boat

    From what i heard those boats are good, this guy i met had one awhile back and he used to pound fish and go 30 plus out Haleiwa, it was for sale at the time and was pricey about 15k that was about 20 years ago.
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    Accurates and Duel 4/0

    Is the Duel a 4/0 wide any corrosion. Mahalo
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    Painting and fiberglass work

    Does anyone here or know of anyone to do minor glass work and paint 19' boat, that does good work at a resonable price, I know in this bad economy someone out there with the skills could use some extra cash, I figured with all the cool people on here this is the best place to ask. Aloha
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    Shimano Tiagra 130 with line

    Shimano Tiagra 130 with brand new 130 line, no corossion in very good condition, this one has the gold handle $800 pm if interested
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    Lee's wishbone outrigger holders

    sold , please delete
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    Da Reel Man Hooked Me Up too !!!!!

    Da Reel Man, serrviced my Shimano Tiagra 130, excellent work, good price and Supah fast service, anyone needs reels serviced i highly recommend him, youll be up and fishing again in no time and without a hole in your pocket still get money left for fuel.
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    Accurate 12 Platinum twin drag with bag

    2-Accurate 12 Platinum twin drag reels, close face in good condition comes with the Accurate bag $750 each Pm if interested. can be shipped via USPS Priority mail for $20 anywhere in the 50 States ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
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    Reels for sale 2-14/0 2-12/0

    1- 14/0 $200 1 stubbie straight butt aftco rollers aftco swivel tip $225 nice rod like new
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    Lee's Jr Outrigger holders $450