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    Help me round my quiver SD YT & BFT

    Not so very far in the winter, I'm a Snow Bird and live about 5-hours away in Arizona right now. Head back to Oregon late May in time for deep water Halibut then Albacore!
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    Help me round my quiver SD YT & BFT

    60/80 is the minimum sweet spot if you happen to hit the bigger fish. The rest of your quiver will handle 30/40/50 work. I just picked up an 8'0" UC RGP Terminator, rated 30-80#, I love it. Excellent casting, light and loads of lifting power, just right for a Fathom or Torque 40 nld2. I'm...
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    Offshore What worked for BFT 4/27 Polaris Supreme

    On my upcoming 4-Day on Shogun May 19-23 I'm bringing everything from 25# fluoro up to 200#... Everything from my Tilefish Jr/Torque 25 up to my Viper/Mak 20. Jigs from 80 grams up to 500 grams. Hooks from size 4 up to 6/0. And I'm still SURE there is something I'm gonna Want but not Have!
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    Pacific Queen Preperation

    My 2 cents worth, you need a 60# topshot rig for daytime flatfalls/knife jigs + a 60/80 rig for sinker rig + an 80/100 rig for night time flat falls. I'm going on Shogun May 19-23 watch for my trip report I will provide as much detail as possible good/bad/ugly!
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    Offshore Offshore and Islands - 4/30

    Nice report thanks for sharing!
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    Offshore What worked for BFT 4/27 Polaris Supreme

    Great report Thanks! I'm heading out on Shogun May 19-23 Can't Wait!
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    I like the Owner Ringed Offshore Bait Hook. Very strong. I carry size 2 - 6/0
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    Live Bait Sinker Rig for Bluefin

    In my experience the clinch knot can slip when using fluorocarbon leader material. I use the San Diego Jam knot. Several others are good too. Over 80# I prefer to use a crimp.
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    Best Rig for Sinker Rig BFT; Shogun May 18-23; And More Quiver Questions

    I used to run a Penn Fathom 25 nld2 on my Zeus 3 jigging stick... Last fall the deck hand on New Lo-An shook his head and said I should upgrade it to the 40 nld2 (which I did). Of course the BFT were running big and mean but not hungry that day. Of the 3 big fish we hooked, only 1 ended well...
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    Best Rig for Sinker Rig BFT; Shogun May 18-23; And More Quiver Questions

    Thanks for the reply BFCurly. Gonna bring all 7, move the Fathom 40 nld2 from the GP Terminator to the Predator, give it a little better chance on a big'un than the Fathom 30/2. Ordered a Mak 15T SEa for the GP Terminator, this will be my #1 60# rig. Use the Centaur/Mak 16 w/80# leader for...
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    Offshore Polaris Supreme 4/19-4/21

    From Polaris Supreme website: "by Captain Aliyar Nabi, 4-21-2021 We just got tied up from a 1.5 Day. We had a pretty good trip out there and ended with 28 Bluefin Tuna from 30-110 pounds. We saw a really good sign of fish out there, so that's pretty encouraging. We did see some of that bigger...
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    Best Rig for Sinker Rig BFT; Shogun May 18-23; And More Quiver Questions

    My quiver, Light to Heavy: UC Tilefish Jr + Torque 25 nld2 - 30# UC Terminator + Torque 30/2 - 40# UC Predator + Fathom 30/2 - 50# UC GP Terminator + Fathom 40 nld2 - 60# UC Centaur + Mak 16 SEa - 80# UC Viper + Mak 20 SEa - 100# UC Zeus 3 + Fathom 40 nld2 - 60# (Knife Jigs) Questions: (1) Is 7...
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    King's Depth

    All the answers above are good. In my experience shallow is often good very early; top 20'. With more light close to bottom is usually good for Chinook (assuming you have down riggers). Exception is late season outside the jetties, almost always catch Chinooks very near the bottom regardless of...
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    60# UC rod

    Yep 8'0" RGP Terminator. Mine is paired with a Fathom 40 nld2 loaded with 80# metered braid. Light and powerful.
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    80# Rod Suggestions

    I have a 8'0" UC RGP Terminator paired with a Penn Fathom 40 nld2 loaded with 80# braid love it light powerful great 60/80# stick. Also have a 7'6" UC Centaur loads of power doesn't cast a sardine as well as the Terminator and it is comparatively heavy. Strong 80/light 100# stick. Between the 2...