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    Offshore Liberty Killed it...

    Partyboat University Grads. It takes time to un-learn what they were taught.
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    Cory update Thursday

    Don't bring your own filet knife. :D Thoughts and prayers from The Grumpys Mr. Visser.
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    Boat covers and weather warning (vid)

    Bittersweet. Better that it failed in the driveway than out at sea.
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    Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

    Throw in a loaf of Schats chili cheese bread and I'm in!!!
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    BD should buy this!

    "All engines ready to fire up." :D Question. Which is less expensive, refitting for safe passage or permits to turn it into a reef???
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    Sprinkle in State-run outfall pipes pouring out billions of gallons of raw sewage (for decades) and the State-run mining operations up and down the SOC (where'd all that pretty black glass in Sta. Rosalia come from?) and you've got a State-run environmental disaster of epic scale that flies...
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    WTF!! Dana Point Trailer Parking Lot Mess

    Please update your speech decoder ring. This harbor re-imaging process began years ago and then abruptly stopped because of the economic downturn. The County of Orange and it's management team has had 10 years to address the same issues we are discussing today. By virtue of that fact alone...
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    Opinion of Sea Pro boats

    That motor was so bad it bankrupt Johnson/Evinrude.
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    Fish unique to southern California?

    Common Tweaker
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    How bout them Chargers!!

    What time is dinner?
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    Rumors of Roosterfish in SoCal?

    Wahoo on the 14 mile bank too!!! But then that "changing ecology" changed. The warming oceans killed off the local wahoo.
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    Project boats or Trash???

    They have little to no value and donation centers won't take them. My guess is the previous property owner got a bid for $1500.00 to haul them to a landfill and left them there for the next guy to deal with.
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    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Huh....we must have went to the same nightclubs.
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    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    Did I just read someone's opinion?
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    WTF!! Dana Point Trailer Parking Lot Mess

    The destruction of one of the best trailer boat harbors on the west coast has begun. The stated goal is to "enhance the retail shopping experience." The two best days for me was when I bought my first skiff (24' Skipjack) and got a storage spot at The Embarcadero (1988). The second best day was...