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    Background check delayed?

    If your background check is delayed beyond the 10 days you might want to do Some research or contact one of the gun rights groups. I don’t think they’re allowed to delay beyond the 10 day wait.
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    For Sale Skipjack cooler/ice box

    Interested, but, I have a flybridge and I’m trying to picture where this goes on deck.
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    Tulum Charter Recommendations & Advice

    Researched it hard the last time we were down there a few years ago. There’s plenty of charters of varying size boats from pangas to yachts. However, the fishing sucks in the channel between The mainland and Cozumel. Reef fish and barracuda. Better fishing is found on the backside of...
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    Who’s Fishing Montana This Year?

    Fished the Bitterroot last week up around Darby. Flows have receded to the point it’s all fishable. Ants were the hot fly.
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    Early 2000's Ford 7.3 help

    My dad has a 2001 4x4 crew cab with 300k miles. He's had to replace the front hubs at least twice on both sides and a tranny rebuild.
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    Boat-Friendly (and Safe) Hotels near Mission Bay?

    Can you still overnight at Fiesta Island?
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    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    More laws like the Gun Free Safety Zone act? Yeah, how’s that working out?
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    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Doesn’t matter if we were there. What was the department policy on active shooter? The officer either followed dept policy or not. Cut n dry. Nationally, dept policies changed 20 years ago after Columbine to not wait for SWAT but to immediately rush in and engage the shooter. I would bet...
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    4 X 4 Diesel pros and cons

    Running in a crosswind with a camper you'll want the DRW if you like staying in one lane.
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    Fishing in Jamaica?

    Rent a car and head to Rick’s Cafe. According to locals, stay on the coastal highway and you’ll be fine. Do not cut across the interior routes. Driving through towns with heavy foot traffic at the intersections was intense but we lived. The party catamaran cruise to the falls was fun too...
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    Simple question

    Great advice so far. To add: Increase deterrence. Most burglaries happen when the residents are not home. Security cameras, lighting, thorny bushes, dog(s). These will also help your case if there is a shooting. If you decide to purchase a handgun: Personal preference is a 1911 in 45acp...
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    Some Words About Depression

    I've had three friends "opt-out" within a span of 2 years. All different ages: Friend #1 :used pills Friend #2: a rope Friend #3: a gun The one thing they all had in common was really nasty divorces with kids involved.
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    HR 38: National CCW Reciprocity

    Arizona takes applications by mail too. Here's what I needed to get my AZ CCW which is recognized by NV, UT, ID, MT, and many other states: Online CCW course completion certificate Hunter Safety card Fingerprint cards (completed for free at local SDSO satellite office) AZ application Mailed...
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    HR 38: National CCW Reciprocity

    This bill is tied to the Democrat's "fix NICS" bill to improve federal background check reporting by federal agencies. If Democrats vote no, they're also voting down their own bill on background checks. Reports are they're "close" to having the 60 votes to prevent a filibuster. Including 6...
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    HR 38: National CCW Reciprocity

    Thanks Jason for giving me the green light to post this. Please keep discussion civil. Basically, if you have a CCW in any state (including non-resident) it will be valid in all states. House of Representatives: PASSED Senate: Pending Here's a link to the bill...