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    Thoughts on Sunline FC100 fluoro?

    The Sunline FC100 has served me well.. I have had no issues with the FC100 Fluorocarbon. The FC100 is going bye bye according to Sunline website: Please note there will be some out-of-stock inventory on this product in the coming months and it will not be replaced. The current version of this...
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    Servicing a Penn Fathom

    I would give Cal Sheets a call(in Fallbrook). He has serviced my fathoms and they are works of art after he goes through them. He is backed up, so don't expect a quick turnaround.
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    Offshore Pacific Queen 6/26/21 limits by 1pm

    The deckhand in the photo is Bobby....No doubt the Pacific Queen is a super fishy boat. From top to bottom every position has serious 5 star talent. I consider Gavin and Billy the "Magic Johnsons" of the Bluefin world. They just flat out get it done ---on a regular basis..
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    Offshore Aztec 1.5 Day 6/17/21

    Great report on an Awesome boat and crew. Captains Greg and Justin consistently get the job done...Many a killer memory of pulling on good ones with that crew, along with fine dining in the galley.
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    International 16visx handle on Torque 30/40ld2?

    Another option would be to visit Cal Sheets in Fallbrook. I just had him put a different handle on a Penn Fathom.
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    Penn Fathom 15XNLD 2 speed

    500 yards of Maxcuatro 50Lb on a Fathom15XNLD 2 speed..Tweaked by Mr. Sheets...
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    Offshore Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    Multiple articles on the migration of Pacific and Atlantic Bluefin found here:
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    Bluefin vs. The Senator.

    Nothing I can think of would get me to use a Penn 6/0 to dance with a 100LB bluefin, less lone one 200LBs. I have seen it done before, but it is not something I would want to do. I learned long ago that if you get caught with the wrong gear in your hands you will get taught a lesson. In 1981...
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    Offshore Aztec 2 Day 8/1/20 - 8/3/20

    Greg and Crew (Justin, Oat, Harry, and Ryan in the galley) are a well oiled machine.. They bring smiles to my face, as well as quality fish every trip.... I know that I can bring anyone from seasoned anglers to just minted newbies, and they will have a good trip. Hope to make it out again...
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    Offshore Got me one !

    Congratulations on taking down a west coast trophy model. They do not go without a serious fight. Captain Gavin, Captain Billy and the rest of the crew are the guys you want around you when battling one of these creatures..The crew manages to set an extremely high bar service wise. I have...
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    powerpro maxquattro - any feedback/reviews?

    I have fished with Maxcuatro 40Lb, 50Lb, 65Lb spectra. Yes it is more expensive than the other brands. That is a negative. The diameter of Maxcuatro is considerably smaller than the other brands. That is a positive. Last season there seemed to be a shortage of decent sized sardines...
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    Offshore Aztec Two Day

    I had been contemplating a trip to try and take down one of the 100Lb class bluefin in our backyard. Watched the counts last week, and then the Aztec puts up some numbers that are just absurd. Multiple fish in the 300LB class. I pulled the trigger and jumped on a two day. The trip filled up...
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    Offshore PQ 1.5

    Left Sunday night on a 1.5 day trip on the Pacific Queen. Boat was absolutely full with 34 anglers. Amazing that in October there are still plenty of folks traveling from FAR AWAY to try and land one of these wily Bluefin. There was a great mix of serious locals both male and female, and the...
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    PEI today

    No doubt today was an exceptional day. This was our third day, and the Bluefin put on an epic show in the early morning. Bucket list material for sure.
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    Offshore PAC Queen 7/3

    Fished on the same trip. Absolute mind boggling amount of fish seen. When the anchovy goes away, it may be an epic season. We had to make 30+ stops on bird schools, foamers, breezing fish, and they would just swim away. If I was heading out I would try working the slide with a small colt...