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    Flat fall 4 bluefin, what size

    What gram size 4 tuna 4 day and a half trips out of dago? Thanks
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    Bluefin jigs for fishing deep?

    What are your favorite jigs for fishing bluefin deep meter marks? Last summer I did well on BF up to #110 using a chrome and blue Tady 45 heavy. Have heard many good things about the flatfall jigs. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Offshore Tribute overnight pleasure cruise 9/14 - 9/15

    won't step foot on tribute after reading this one! It only takes one jackass deckie to ruin a trip, Owner should know about this idiot
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    Red Rooster III - rental gear ?

    Do not leave the office until your rental gear is in hand! Very unorganized as far as rental gear is concerned!
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    Trinidad 40 for sale

    This reel is sold! Thanks for the responses!
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    Trinidad 40 for sale

    Reel is in pristine condition. Original cost was $450. Selling it for $200. I live in Point Loma. (619)222-3285.
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    cancellations due to bluefin closure

    I have a 5 day trip in about 2 weeks that I signed up for over 11 months ago. My favorite fish to catch is definitely BF. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude toward what is happening. I am goin fishin and I will enjoy myself. Just wondering if any of you fellow anglers have cancelled your...
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    catching bait and those who don't

    What do you do when certain guys refuse to wake up at 3 am to catch bait, then they are the first at the tank to use it? I've seen it so many times!
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    Yellow Tail ,,,,,, What Size??

    Got yelled at for bouncing 5# yellas on the RR. Guess if the hook pulls, it could put an eye out. Wanted to release the rats anyway! The deckie who did the yelling is gone. Good riddance!!!
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    Yellow Tail ,,,,,, What Size??

    RR doesn't like you to keep anything under 10#. I like that!
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    Offshore Shogun 2.5 day blood bath

    That gave me wood!!!!!!!!!
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    lost gaff to fish

    Has anyone ever had a gaff ripped out of your hands by a 30#-40# tuna? Been fishin practically my entire life and was out with a few friends last season. We got into a wfo bite on b fin. I went to gaff a really nice one 4 my friend and the next thing I know the freaking gaff is gone. No alcohol...
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    Huge thank you to 2 Malihini brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was down at the H&M landing last night to use the ATM and visit PLSF. The "Hini" had just come in with a beautiful load of yellas. REALLY NICE GRADE. These 2 cool dudes out of nowhere offered me an insanely nice bag of filets. Wholly crap!!!!! I couldn't believe it was even happening. Just...
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    Moving on……Nick… on the Rooster Red Rooster….

    This is really bad news because he is one of the best! Nick, thanks for all the help and always the best attitude! Good luck to you my brother!