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    stealing fish from freezers ?

    Shitty roads are the best. It shouldn’t be too easy!
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    hwy 1 updates ?

    See you guys tomorrow
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    Late report BOLA May 6-9 pics do the talking

    Its the price of admission. Do whatever feels right!
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    BOLA 5/15-5/19

    “but it's time to start getting a bit excited about heading down to Baja again” 12 daze and a wake up!
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    BOLA early June

    Cant wait for 5/28
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    Another what the heck is this post

    Taste like chicken!
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    stealing fish from freezers ?

    D, I have a decent sized freezer you are welcome to use in reasonable amounts when I’m around, ask C. See you in 31 days.
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    Expired Passport???

    You are already in the United States when you have to present your documents. If you truly are a citizen they can’t keep you out so don’t worry about it bring your drivers license and have a nice trip!
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    Any latest on what's needed to fish Nados on private boat?

    They get stamped 180 days when you pay, typically.
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    BOLA Fishing 3/8-3/11

    I’m counting down the weeks!
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    BOLA and highway 5

    Short answer: Fuck no! Longer version: If you feel the need print this out and show it to the guy telling him you send them here: