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    Halibut rod for electric reels

    Yes sir, full on custom with cord handle is totally an option, we're trying to get more budget friendly on a production version of these rods as well.

    Halibut rod for electric reels

    Tons of good American manufacturers if you're into that sort of thing.

    WA Classifieds

    Cancel culture, thin skinned, left wing, Facebook marketplace, OfferUp. 🖕🏿

    New tech

    Can I get a participation achievement award?

    Thrasher 2021

    Elite status for Norm this year, 😉

    Thrasher 2021

    I put together a full-on shop down in woodland. It has been turned over to Oscar, he was production manager at lamiglass for 25 years. Planning on being his best customer. Custom rods will still be built in house but production rods are coming soon.

    Thrasher 2021

    Shit is getting real. I don't post here much anymore however Thrasher has deep Roots on BD. Thrasher Rods has a new partner, Benjamin @Reel Hooker has been a great friend from the beginning and will now be running the business, I will continue with the things I'm good at. We've been working...

    WTB Tuna Rod/Reel

    You're welcome to come by the rod shop sometime if you want, I've got some used stuff but it's nothing but the best. Renton Highlands, Jason 425 956 4756

    WTB/WTTF tuna rods 80lb+ and big reels

    I've got one of these, $300. It can also be a bent but if you prefer. Alps solid titanium guides and roller tip.
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    End of season clearance

    Where are you located
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    WP slip aug

    PM sent
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    STOLEN!!! From Point Loma...Custom wrapped THRASHER fishing rods, Shikari and Rainshadow. Keep an eye out, please!

    Ouch, that sucks ass Marcel. Get in touch with me, let me know what we can do to get you hooked up.
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    Defiance BIg Salt Bait Tank

    Jeez, I already have a bait tank, trying to help the neighbor out.