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    Golf and Boating?

    For sale “Recent haul out, hull polish and inspection”
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    Yamaha F150

    Might be a little dusty if its been sitting for 9 yrs.
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    Evinrude oops

    Theyre already used to constantly being disappointed :_portable
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    best shrimp bait for a rookie?

    Use fish scraps too, the more fish scraps i stuff in the pot the more shrimp i get, and they clean it to the bone.
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    Pop ups....

    I am all for the ads for the 12 ga pistol, might be useful if rioters show up... But rilly?? Covid mask ads?? Cmon man
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    Seattle on fire

    He is from LA. Must be the smog killed his one brain cell he was born with
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    Seattle on fire

    As i asked my son a). Should hardworking people have to give their money so you can sit at home and have free handouts Or B). Be hard working and support yourself. He picked B, i said congrats your not a liberal. My 5 yr old can understand this but a full grown adult cant, thats the PROBLEM!!
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    Seattle on fire

    Interesting that the surgeon says its not helpful for healthy people to wear facemasks but the fake news says he was mis understood..... back to the topic at hand, i cant go to church but its ok to go riot and protest, theyre handing out facemasks instead of handcuffs for destroying peoples...
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    Seattle on fire

    NO!!! It only proves what a fabrication this “pandemic” is
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    barbecue / smoker Feed back

    Green mountain has a little slide gate on the hopper to dump pellets as well. Nice for winter storage.
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    barbecue / smoker Feed back

    Green mountain
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    Tired of losing fishing opportunities? Do something

    At this point money is the big help. Multiple lawyers working with them capable and willing to go as high up the food chain as necessary. There has been so much talk for so long about our own permit, more hatchery production, and a 50/50 split. These are all on the table but putting money where...
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    An organization to get behind

    Maybe clarify why not? I have been told there has been a complete redirect of this organization from the past structure you may Have experience with. All new leadership in line with psa and their agenda. Do some research on them, talk to ron garner about them, make an informed decision either way.
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    An organization to get behind