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  1. Enrique Daggett
    Enrique Daggett Alfonso Daggett
    Que pedo guey checa tus mensajes jajJajaja
  2. Randal
    Randal Billy L
    Hi Billy,
    My name is Randal Russ and have seen your replies looking for people to go fishing with you in Homer. My wife Joanne and I have a cabin in Funny River/Soldotna and could join you. We will be up between 7/26-8/10 so if you need a fishing partner during this time let me know and we also live in San Diego. If you are interested in meeting or contacting us give me a call at 619 543-0423.
  3. Barrett Toohey
    Barrett Toohey Tee
    Do u still have 80-130 calstar
    1. Barrett Toohey
      Barrett Toohey
      7607749112 text me
      Jan 17, 2019 at 10:05 PM
  4. Brother B
    Brother B FrankyG EFK
    How much do you want for the 39? You can text me at 310-6191434 thanks
  5. samtunaassassin
    samtunaassassin marcortez
    Hey Marcortez,
    Some buddies and I are thinking of chartering a sleep-aboard cameraman and do a little fishing off the islands around Loreto. Can you please point us in the right direction for spots to fish? We are planning on coming out Memorial weekend. Any info is much approached.

    Thank you,

  6. canyonman
  7. denis
    denis BOLAJoeljunior
    Thanks for the report on my lures. U live in bola ?
  8. surfaceiron
    surfaceiron juicebruiser
    San diego tackle traders Facebook
    They will hook you up
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  9. vipertom1970
    vipertom1970 aceo2b
    let me know if you can do $450 for the VISX-30
  10. islandguy2
    islandguy2 Arima-bob
    Hi , Thank you for your reply, i havent used BD in a while, how do you send a PM again, i want to give u my ph#
  11. islandguy2
    From Hawaii, Love Fishing !!!!!
  12. Isaiah M. R.
    Isaiah M. R.
    New post. San Elijo project killed over a thousand legal halibut... some over #30. Et
  13. Fish Mounts
    Fish Mounts
  14. yakdout
  15. richard r
    richard r Tee
    Would you accept $350 for the 775 xxh cash and pick up tomorrow-Sunday? Please text at 213-321-0802. Thank you.
  16. richard r
    richard r aceo2b
    I am sorry about the wrong posr.
  17. richard r
    richard r aceo2b
    Would you consider $350 for grafighter 775 xxh cash and pick up tomorrow (Sunday)? Please text at 213-321-0802. Thank you.
  18. flyinverted
    SoCal SportFishing Club Board Member
  19. Kevin Paredes
    Kevin Paredes MikeCrume
    Hi Mike,

    I'm interested in your boat for sale. Just want to make sure it's still on the market?
  20. Balam
    Can I change my user name? How?