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  1. YFT Chris
    YFT Chris Nebraska
    Hi Craig (I will rightly call you by Nebraska from now on), I wanted to introduce myself. Chris Insley here....I will be on the Silent Jim Trip with you this year. I have read all the great chronicles you have written in your first two big that stuff. I hope to contribute to good vibes on this trip and time is approaching fast. All the best sir and I will see you soon.....Chris
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    2. Nebraska
      Hey Chris! Can't wait sir. Less than 90 days! !! I'm already pumped and can't wait to meet you and fish with you.
      Oct 16, 2018 at 6:50 PM
  2. Fish Mounts
  3. santacruzfishing
  4. jer dog
    jer dog timmyd3853
    Hello Tim, i'm waiting on you to do A ride up on our Trip.
  5. TODD
    TODD ehano44
    350? I can pick up...909 239 3233 Todd
    1. ehano44
      Sorry. Stuck @400
      Oct 15, 2018 at 12:44 PM
  6. Curadokat
  7. profeta
    profeta intheknow
    do you have curado were are you located can you text me 619 395 7632
  8. Bad Bart
    Bad Bart FishermanRic
  9. Jay Bjorn
    Jay Bjorn
    Getting ready for the winter blackmouth season! Just ordered new seahorse down riggers
  10. driftfisher
  11. Tyler Delay
    Tyler Delay
    Still catching silvers in Seward!Got three in less than 30 min.Let a guy use my rod that's learning how to fish or else I would have limited
  12. Jeff D.
    Jeff D. Lake
    This was my same thoughts. I know some have removed the MC on the Raptors. But most that I know of have done so for better performance while live lining. I dont know that doing this helps tossing lighter stuff.

    Just like hearing others thoughts see if mine match. Thanks, Jeff
  13. Piner
    Piner nik olson
    I'd be interested in information on that 18 radoncraft if it's still available.
  14. denis
    denis Striker Tackle
    If you’re ever interested in trying some on my lures let me know I’ll get you guys some again thanks for all your help
  15. Jeff D.
    Jeff D. Lake
    In a post you mentioned having the Andros 12 & JX Raptor. Which do you find to be the better casting reel ?... Jeff
    1. Lake
      Just got home today from my trip. Between the two the Andros probably casts better, but the JX casts adequately.
      Oct 12, 2018 at 8:30 PM
  16. bajaspearo
    bajaspearo Batson-Brands
    My 7 year old girl would like her own set of custom rods to fish the creeks and upper lakes in the Eastern Sierras. Do you have any such blanks that are pink in color?
    1. Batson-Brands
      Oct 12, 2018 at 7:35 AM
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  17. _Ferbz_
    _Ferbz_ JustFishn
    yo buddy saw your Old Glory i fish often on the San Diego boats i live in Cypress and travel to SD to fish my friends skiff when i can and have some cash fo fishing . just wanted to let you know if you ever wanted someone to help with gas and bait im down i have alot of epxpiernce on local offshore SD area and im on your way south lemme know im down to help
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    2. JustFishn
      I greatly appreciate that.. the way my Skiff is currently set up its to small for two guys, but come next season it will have a cabin, that’s the plan anyway. When that’s done it will be pretty open and comfortable.
      Oct 10, 2018
  18. $pank-IT
    $pank-IT sheep1980
    Interested in your Daiwa rod...
  19. Capt Quint
    Capt Quint
    Fishing, I hope.
  20. Tanner Stertzbach
    Tanner Stertzbach frankfink
    Yo! Got ya followed here! Good deal!