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  2. Fish Slayer
    Fish Slayer desmonic
    FYI, our turnaround time right now on service is 1-2 days once we receive the reel so we can get you back on the water fishing again very quickly.
  3. Fish Slayer
    Fish Slayer desmonic
    Just saw your post on the Mak. This noise is from the silent system, which works on tension. This should not cause an anti-reverse failure and it is a very easy adjustment. If you contact Daniel Ramos at (909) 467-8113 we will send a call tag so the reel can be repaired at no cost to you. Also if you get us your shirt sizing, we will send out an Okuma shirt for your inconvenience.
  4. FishAcquisition
    FishAcquisition SouthBayKiller
    I wanted to get your opinion on #80 and #100 do you go long mono topshots or short floro?? I wonder if More spectra is better if it gets under the boat?
    1. SouthBayKiller
      Mine are all stuffed full of braid. That being said I know most of the long range cow guys fish longer topshots of fluoro like 25’ long.
      Jul 18, 2018 at 6:00 PM
    2. FishAcquisition
      Thanks. As I have fished more Braid. I like the idea of more braid in the water.
      Jul 18, 2018 at 7:13 PM
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  5. Paparockcal
    Paparockcal Jason
    Jason, how do I "like" a post?
  6. toadstoadsonly
    Newport Beach - Mortgage Banker - IG: Grindmentality1
  7. toadstoadsonly
  8. aussiefisho
    aussiefisho PezGallo21
    Will, you have seen my name previously whilst attempting to buy a BV2 600N. You put me onto a tackle store in Victoria Australia which promptly went nowhere. Have arranged very recently for a contact in USA to purchase & send onto me as a "gift"to get around our govts latest internet import taxt/duties. Cheers & kindest regards
    1. PezGallo21
      I am sorry you had an issue with that shop, but glad you are getting one!
      Jul 18, 2018 at 2:19 PM
  9. Paparockcal
    Paparockcal Nic D
    Thanks for the help and the information Nic D!!!
    1. Nic D
      Nic D
      I used to fish for both companies and the JRI is the go to jig right now. Check out Kevin Mattson fb page. Thats all he uses now.
      Jul 18, 2018 at 1:50 PM
  10. get me wet
    get me wet NGSD1
    I am going offshore tomorrow thurs. I take 1 other angler and have no-one confirmed Call me @ 619 850 2742
    1. NGSD1
      Wish I could tomorrow, need to take my boat to the yard and get some work done.
      Jul 18, 2018 at 11:25 AM
  11. sierraazuel
    Saving The World From Skynet one day @ a time.
  12. skotz
    skotz Mastrbaitr
    Are you close to Modesto?
  13. denis
  14. Wazaa
    my Family calls me Frankie but when i go spend time with my dads friends down under i become Wazaa in Australia they add zz's to names
  15. Paparockcal
    Paparockcal Nic D
    Hi Nic D. Could you point me to where I can find some Bait Wrap Jigs? Where or how are you getting them? Thanks!

    1. Nic D
      Nic D
      Hi Rocky, try the long fin.

      personally, I now think they are over rated. I would be looking for JRI Jigs. They swim fantastic and go into any store and pick one. I have never had a bad swimming jig. Just ask anyone that uses them.

      hope that helps,

      Jul 18, 2018 at 9:53 AM
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  16. get me wet
  17. jp123
    jp123 Kevinlmartin
    Hey man. I was wandering to hear a little bit more about your recent trip privately because I know people want it on the low key. So about how many fish did most people catch? How long did you spend at the island? And just how was the trip in general.
  18. denis
    denis Baja Bytes
    Any bay of la updates ? I show 2 weeks please thanks denis
  19. dizzyspots
    dizzyspots cj5orion
    Hey Bert! How are ya old friend??? drop old cheeto boy a note will ya...just checkin in with ya
  20. Fathomx