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  1. annie715
    Fishing tips for beginners?
  2. jsquez
    jsquez Bigrube
    ruubeenn on a sunday afternoon....
    1. Bigrube
      Apr 20, 2018 at 4:59 AM
  3. dwr@c
    [email protected] SBBCC
    Hi I have a Tac 8 and 12 I would like to sell. Neither have had much use. They both have power pro on them. A few minor scratches here and there.
    Dave. [email protected]
  4. JoseB
  5. JoseB
    Traxxas slash 4x4
  6. getusum
    getusum towerfab
    I am looking for some information on the bait tank leaning post options you have available. Jeremy 909 376-5516
  7. ironmannutz
    ironmannutz Shanethelipripper
    Any news on the pictures of the teramar 100th ?
  8. chaser5539
    chaser5539 Fishingguy
    May have spotted the new rig... grey hull? I live right down the street from west coast so I'm always passing by. If so its the definition of "Dream Boat"!! See you out on the grounds soon. Cheers brotha
    1. Fishingguy
      Unfortunately that one is not mine however, that is my friends boat. My tower will be similar except will have a 3rd row for rods. Also, mine will be all white and have a big ol 12 inch simrad evo 3 screen on the back deck....that you can not miss :))))))
      Apr 18, 2018 at 10:38 AM
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    2. chaser5539
      Been running a NSS9 Evo3 on my Grady for a couple months now & can't believe how long I suffered with my Lowrance LCX-28c! Ur gonna be stoked.
      Apr 18, 2018 at 12:08 PM
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  9. littlemagilla
  10. Miss Rebecca
  11. leroyha
    leroyha Sfullerton
    Hey bro I have 1 9ft 15-30 super clean. $100 call or text 714-251-8548
  12. fishing rebel
  13. William Chavez
    William Chavez scfisher
    Do you have any pics of the rods
  14. Futtocks
    That guy from that place that time.
  15. juicebruiser
    juicebruiser Wiseguy
    Another member shared your name in reference to rod building . I am looking for someone to redo a couple of old Sabers. would you be interested in this project? thanks. Kevin
  16. Mike in Murrieta
    Mike in Murrieta
    Always a newbie. One day I'll write down my user name password and advance on BD
  17. The Backpacking Angler
  18. hungdown
  19. Terry B.
    Terry B.
    Looking for an old Simrad CE33 ChartSounder or main board to replace mine. Please advise if you have one or know where I can look. Thanks.
  20. runtime
    runtime 909MARIO
    Hi, Im interested in your boat. I would like to see it today if possible. my name is rich, my phone # is 9288460186. im about 5 hours away, call or text . thanks