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  1. FishAcquisition
    FishAcquisition Alyssa Roman
    Hi, I had a few questions on the Robalo. What years are the engines?
    What kind of fuel burn/range numbers on it?
  2. Sean Fitzsimmons
    Sean Fitzsimmons Fishbones
    Make sure to throw a black swim bait today!! Black fish lives matter!!
  3. Peteb
    Peteb hunter5x5
    Hey Dan I wasn't able to get your phone number off my home phone. My cell # is 206-972-6346. My address is 16128 240th Street SE Monroe 98272.
  4. hunter5x5
    hunter5x5 Peteb
    I'll do the $275, I'll be driving by you in about 30 minutes.
    1. Peteb
      Pete 3608630567
      Jan 14, 2018 at 5:48 PM
  5. FishAcquisition
    FishAcquisition jtj0026
    Sorry missed that they were neoprene. I can’t wear neoprene.
  6. FishAcquisition
    FishAcquisition jtj0026
    I will take the waders. Can pay now. Not sure when I can pick them up.
  7. hunter5x5
    hunter5x5 Peteb
    $250 ?
    1. Peteb
      You're the first to make an offer but others are inquiring. If no one offers full price its yours for $250
      Jan 14, 2018 at 4:18 PM
  8. Capt Q-Tip
    Capt Q-Tip
    Currently looking for position as a mate on a Big Game Sport Fishing vessel in So, California / Mexico
  9. Logan Schaefer
  10. littlefishess
    littlefishess jowo
    Hi, Johnny, kam sorry about it.. I cancell my slow pitch rod. . Thanks. Sorry for bordering you..
  11. littlefishess
    littlefishess jowo
    Hi, Johnny, I am interest on the casting slow pitch rod. I take one for $140. shipped to S.F. When you get it , let me know I pay you for it . Thanks so much. kam
  12. Stacy Angler
    Stacy Angler
    Sponsored Fishing Athlete Australia. Fishing Since age of 3 years old.
  13. Roger Hammer
    Roger Hammer
    New owner of a Cabo 226 Cuddycon
  14. Roger Hammer
    Roger Hammer Kirk951
    Do you still have your fuel tank? Thanks Roger 808-561-3512
  15. squamishgreg
    Looking for a new ride !
  16. Bmoore1975
    Bmoore1975 will40402002
    Hey Will - my total invocie was $1100 to have them do the install. If you want to save money they can send you a template tool or something and then you send it back and they have it cut w/ a CNC machine and then you do the install. I bet you could save a lot if you did it yourself. I should have, but was feeling lazy. Best of luck !!
  17. flapjackthemonk
    flapjackthemonk flyhigh123
    Any idea when you will have the standard rod holders available? I would like at least four.
    1. flyhigh123
      for now i don't know when i will get more. Sorry. I just have the extended versions.
      Jan 9, 2018
  18. jJesus Orozco
    jJesus Orozco
    Electronics Installations & troubleshooting
  19. jJesus Orozco
    jJesus Orozco
    Custom electronics installations & troubleshooting
  20. Mark Riv
    Mark Riv pitsqrd
    Are you still making the sheaths for a double set of pliers? If so, get back to me with your pricing please.

    Thank you,
    714 6426916